Friday Random Top 10


Why can't MLB just put in the record books that Galarraga pitched a perfect game with an asterisk about the umps blown call? Leave the box score alone.

1. Mr. Pleasant -- The Kinks
2. Never Talking to You Again -- Husker Du
3. Sopor Joe -- Guided By Voices
4. Always on the Outside -- The 757s
5. Wayfaring Stranger -- Johnny Cash
6. Airlane -- Gary Numan
7. Knee Deep in the Blues -- International Submarine Band
8. To be a Killer -- Wes Houston
9. Teenagers -- Meat Puppets
10. Living With War -- Neil Young

Devil Doll -- Roy Orbison

Bit of a mix here, but lots of old school. What's your top 10?


Wilco - "My Darling" Summerteeth
Ravel - "Bolero"
System of a Down - "Science" Toxicity
The Fratellis - "Cuntry Boys & City Girls" Costello Music
Wilco - "Less Than You Think" A Ghost Is Born
Jay-Z - "Hate" The Blueprint 3
Thin Lizzy - "Running Back" Jailbreak
Phil Lynott - "Whiter Shade of Pale/Like A Rolling Stone" Phil Lynott Live
Broken Bells - "Mongrel Heart" Broken Bells
Bill Withers - "Ain't No Sunshine" Just As I Am

I don't think I'm on board with the asterisk. At what point do we stop annotating the record books? Only perfect games? Should a no-hitter with a questionable decision by the scorer to grant an error to keep it intact be *'d? Baseball is just as much about the oral traditions as it is the numbers, so Galarraga's accomplishment will always be considered perfect even if not officially designated so.

It wasn't a perfect game, so no asterisk. It SHOULD have been a perfect game, but them's the breaks.

“Danse Macabre” – Camille Saint-Saëns, Digital Classics
“Romance for String Orchestra, Op. 11″ – Gerald Finzi, Finzi
“Capriccio Italien” – Peter Tschikowsky, Ouverture “1812″ – Capriccio italien – Marche slave
“Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 6″ – Antonín Dvorák, Dvorák: Slavonic Dances Op. 46 & 72, etc.
“Five Variants of ‘Dives and Lazarus’” – Ralph Vaughan Williams, Vaughan Williams: Fantasies; The Lark Ascending; Five Variants
“Symphony No. 41: Allegro assai” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphonies No. 40 & 41 “Jupiter”
“The Firebird Suite: III. Variation de l’oiseau de feu” – Igor Stravinsky, The Firebird Suite – Pulcinella Suite
“Suite 1: V. Masks” – Serge Prokofiev, “Romeo and Juliet” Suites 1 & 2
“The Moldau” – Bedřich Smetana, Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 – Smetana: Moldau
“Concerto No. 2: III. Largo” – George Frideric Handel, Concerti Grossi Op. 6 No. 1-4

I felt bad for all concerned. It was a perfect game in my book. Your Twins sure came to Seattle at the wrong time. The M's couldn't hit their way out of a paper bag 2 weeks ago. They seem to be in the midst of an unexpected spasm of competence ...

1) More Hipper - Jon Cleary And The Absolute Monster Gentlemen/Big Ol' Box of New Orleans
2) Choctaw Bingo - Ray Wylie Hubbard/Delirium Tremolos
3) Commie Drives a Nova - Ike Reilly/Salesmen and Racists
4) All My Love in Vain - Sonny Boy Williamson
5) Waiting for an Alibi - Thin Lizzy/Dedication
6) He's Send in the Army - Gang of Four/Urgh
7) Julie's in the Drug Squat - The Clash/Give 'em Enough Rope
8) Whole Lotta Love - Zep/How The West Was Won
9) Eton Rifles - The Jam/Direction, Reaction, Creation
10) A New England - Billy Bragg/Back to Basics

bonus - The Toughest Girl in the World - Syd Straw/War & Peace


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