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Friday Random Top 10


July is just about in the books. Lazy days of August are just ahead. Man what happened to the Summer?

1. Blues Die Hard -- Uncle Tupelo
2. Sullivan Street -- Counting Crowes
3. Music for Boys -- The Suburbs
4. The Saturday Boy -- Billy Bragg
5. Fountain of Youth -- Guided By Voices
6. My Melancholy Baby -- Charlie Parker and Dizzie Gillespie
7. Miracle of the Rosary -- Elvis Presley
8. Ordinary Guy -- Fred Eaglesmith
9. Sopor Joe -- Guided By Voices
10. Simple Twist of Fate -- Bob Dylan

Bonus: Half a Person -- The Smiths

Music For Boys, now that brings me back. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


According to David Kahn, Michael Beasley smoked too much pot in Miami. Miami in the winter with a million things to do. Now he'll be in Minnesota in the winter when all there is to do is smoke pot and play video games. Somehow I don't think this is going to work out to well. Off to a Random Top 10:

1. Don't Explain -- Billy Holiday
2. Train -- Uncle Tupelo
3. Nobody Home -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs
4. Louisiana Rain -- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
5. Sunflower Suit -- Buffalo Tom
6. Weedking -- Guided By Voices
7. Give Paris One More Chance -- Jonathan Richman
8. Orizaba 210 Blues -- Jack Kerouac
9. Dyer Mker -- Led Zeppelin
10. Mistaken for a Stranger -- The National

Bonus: Shooting Hoops -- G. Love and Special Sauce

Maybe that GBV song is about Michael Beasley. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


Big weekend for the Twins. Gotta win 3 of 4 or else they are in big big trouble. Here's a random top 10.

1. Six Days on the Road -- Steve Earle
2. Crazy -- Patsy Cline
3. Rise Above -- Black Flag
4. Think of Me -- Buck Owens
5. Suicide is Painless -- Nick Drake
6. Stop -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs
7. Careless Love -- Camera Obscura
8. High Fidelity -- Elvis Costello
9. Model Matches -- Elvis Costello
10. Beside You -- Van Morrison

Bonus: Cut-out Witch -- Guided By Voices

GBV tix on sale today!!!! Can't believe I am actually going to see them. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


I've got Spain winning the World Cup and the Miami Heat having a honeymoon of exactly one year before things go real sour. Oh and the Twins? What's up?!? We need a Random Top 10 desparately...

1. Sweet Child O' Mine -- Guns and Roses
2. Drinker's Peace -- Guided By Voices
3. I Saw the Light -- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
4. The Sounds of the Suburbs -- The Members
5. Taking Dust Bowl Blues -- Woody Guthrie
6. Rhinocerus -- Smashing Pumpkins
7. Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs
8. Night Train -- Elvis Costello
9. Johnny Ryall -- Beastie Boys
10. Complicated Fun -- Magnolias

Bonus: South of the Border -- Patsy Cline

A bunch of variety there. What's your top 10?

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