Friday Random Top 10


Big weekend for the Twins. Gotta win 3 of 4 or else they are in big big trouble. Here's a random top 10.

1. Six Days on the Road -- Steve Earle
2. Crazy -- Patsy Cline
3. Rise Above -- Black Flag
4. Think of Me -- Buck Owens
5. Suicide is Painless -- Nick Drake
6. Stop -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs
7. Careless Love -- Camera Obscura
8. High Fidelity -- Elvis Costello
9. Model Matches -- Elvis Costello
10. Beside You -- Van Morrison

Bonus: Cut-out Witch -- Guided By Voices

GBV tix on sale today!!!! Can't believe I am actually going to see them. What's your top 10?


My "Twins Need Some Big Wins, Gotta Turn Things Around" Friday Random 10 list:

“Shine on You Crazy Diamond (live)” – Pink Floyd, Delicate Sound of Thunder
“When Did Your Heart Go Missing?” – Rooney, Calling the World
“Leaving Me Now” – Level 42, World Machine
“Show Me Mary” – Catherine Wheel, Chrome
“Endless Sacrifice” – Dream Theater, Train of Thought
“Portrait” – Kansas, Point of Know Return
“Omegaman” - The Police, Ghost in the Machine
“Far West” – Kraan, Flyday
“Only You Understand” – George Duke, Cool
“Chopsticks” – Jeff Lorber, Narada Jazz: The Singles

Jimmy Eat World - "Night Drive" Futures
Kings of Leon - "Use Somebody" Only By The Night
Johnny Cash - "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" 16 Biggest Hits
The Nadas - "Let Me Sleep" Coming Home
Flogging Molly - "Worst Day Since Yesterday" Swagger

Rage Against The Machine - "Freedom" Rage Against The Machine
Finger Eleven - "Stay In Shadow" Finger Eleven
Kanye West - "Spaceship" College Dropout
DJ Danger Mouse - "December 4th" The Grey Album
Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles - "R.E.C. Room" Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

Enjoy GVB. Old 97s are in town next week; I'm thinking about going to see them.

I thought the Twins might get involved in the Cliff Lee circus but I guess they stuck to their principles. I'll be rooting for ya'll from Seattle ...

1) The Old Account - The Peasall Sisters/Home To You
2) I'm Stranded - The Saints/The Most Primitive Band in the World
3) Blue Monk - Terry Adams & Steve Ferguson/Louisville Sluggers
4) Tunnel Vision - The Roots/How I Got Over
5) So Long - The Flesh Eaters/A Minute to Pray A Second to Die
6) Learning the Game - The Bunch/No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology (Sandy Denny)
7) When Will I Be Loved - John Fogerty/Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again
8) Drugs - Talking Heads/Fear of Music
9) Let's Go - The Cars/Candy-O
10) Spooky Drums No. 2 - Baby Dodds/Talking and Drum Solos

bonus: From a Sinking Boat - The Magnetic Fields/Realism

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