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The Superior Hiking Trail


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Wilderness can be appreciated only by contrast, and solitude understood only when we have been without it -- Sigurd F. Olson

Last week I took some time off and went by myself to Lake Superior's North Shore to do some hiking, camping, and kayaking. Due to a crazy family schedule we didn't do any vacation this year and I hardly had been out of the City. I've went on numerous bike rides but all with the Twin Cities area, I needed to get out.

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The Highest Point in Minnesota

I just had a little pup tent, minimal supplies, and a reservation at a State Park. On the itinerary was the Superior Hiking Trail, Eagle Mountain (highest point in MN at a whopping 2,300 feet) and tooling around Lake Superior. I've been up and down the North Shore many times usually in State Parks so I was quite familiar with what I wanted to do and see.

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The Lowest Point in Minnesota

My only hiccup was the fact that I packed a little too light - no sleeping bag -- and it got down to 45 degrees one night. I had two thin blankets in my car and wore all my clothes but it was a rough night.

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Very Thankful for this Fire

Kayaking was also on the agenda however I had to make some plan modifications as the lake was too windy my first day up. Fortunately the next day was quite calm and I went on a nice sea kayak tour with 11 other people. One woman from California was with us and had never been to the North Shore and she was just overwhelmed. I think she was a little wacky too as she told me that she thought the area around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet reminded her of San Francisco and that the U of MN campus reminded her of an Ivy League school - neither are quite accurate.

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Lake Superior from a Kayak

The Superior Hiking Trail is gorgeous. Rough sometimes with lots of rocks and I think I would like to cover the whole trail from Duluth to Canada. Not all in one trip but over time, knocking off segments here and there. The Gitchi GummI bike trail is also under construction and one day a person will be able to ride their bike on paved trail from Duluth to Canada as well. Could be fun.

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Cascade River

Friday Random Top 10


Do I have to give up my Minnesota cred because I don't like the MN State Fair? Am I missing something or is the fair nothing but a bunch of sweaty people waddling down an extremely congested street stuffing their face with incredibly unhealthy food? Here's a Random Top 10 as I wait for the State Fair police to through me into the gulag:

1. She Belongs to Me -- Bob Dylan
2. Desolation Row -- Bob Dylan
3. Cold Irons Bound -- Bob Dylan
4. Running out of Angels -- Elvis Costello
5. Eldorado -- Neil Young
6. Crushed -- The Wedding Present
7. Keep on the Sunny Side -- The Carter Family
8. Am I Evil -- Metallica
9. Human Touch -- Elvis Costello
10. Yours to Keep -- Guided By Voices

Bonus: Beautiful Noise -- Neil Diamond.

Wow! The incredibly rare Artist consecutive triple shot. I've never had that before. Lots of classic artists in this list. What's your top 10?

Off to the North Woods

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Tonight I am heading up to the North Shore to do some "sea kayaking" and hiking along the Superior Hiking Trail. I am bringing the bare minimum of gear and provisions and will be going solo. So in a sense it is some sort of spirit quest. Although in reality it's just a chance to get out of the City.

I am planning to go to hike to Carleton Peak after kayaking and then Eagle Mountain the next day. Eagle Mountain is the highest point in Minnesota (2,301 feet) and is the not too far from the lowest point in Minnesota -- Lake Superior (507 feet). Heady stuff for us flatlanders!

I promise pics and video next week!

Friday Random Top 10


Ouch 11-0 smarts but taking 2 of 3 from the Whities was good. I'm going to two games this week against the Halos. Here's a Top 10 to celebrate.

1. 2:45 a.m. -- Elliot Smith
2. On the Evening Train -- Johnny Cash
3. On the Roof -- The Feelies
4. Radio Free Europe -- R.E.M
5. Perfect Blue Building -- Counting Crows
6. Mercury -- The Wedding Present
7. Drug Test -- Yo La Tengo
8. Fyt -- This Mortal Coil
9. Divide and Conquer -- Husker Du
10. And So this is Christmas -- John Lennon

Bonus: Human Touch -- Elvis Costello

Nice fun list for a Friday, what's your top 10?

White Sox back in Town

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If it's late summer it must be time for the White Sox to curl up like a little baby and allow the Twins to stomp all over them (Note, 2005 is the exception that proofs the rule). Sure enough after having a 3.5 game lead just a few weeks ago the Whities are now looking a a 3 game deficit with three more games here at glorious Target Field.

Twins should easily take 2 of three, although a sweep would be a lot of fun and not out of the question for a team that lacks any intestinal fortitude when it comes to playing the Twins. I'll be there tonight (and Saturday and Sunday against the Halos) so it should be fun times.

Friday Random Top 10

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Came in 43rd out of 250 teams in last week's Urban Assault Ride. Easily Top 10 for teams over 40. This in 90 degree heat! Here's a top 10:

1. London Traffic -- the Jam
2. Professional Distortion -- Ms. Kitty
3. New World -- Soul Asylum
4. Seventeen -- Sex Pistols
5. Whole Lotta Love -- Led Zeppelin
6. Matter of Time -- Magnolias
7. Neighbors -- Jonathan Richman
8. Levitate Me -- Pixies
9. Big Cheif Chinese Restaurant -- Guided By Voices
10. When I Look at the World -- U2

Bonus: Candle -- Sonic Youth

Except for a few examples a very loud list. What's your top 10?

Mark Dayton Prevails



For the third straight election cycle Minnesota Democrats had a choice between a candidate who would appeal state-wide (including the vote rich suburbs) and a candidate with a narrow appeal foisted upon us by union stewards (not the rank and file), selected party hacks, and sparsely populated northern Minnesota.

Although much better than Tom Emmer, I am afraid that Mark Dayton is too weird and too polarizing to appeal to most voters in a general election. Oh well, it may be a disaster for the state financially, but at least an Emmer administration will be fun to watch!

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