Friday Random Top 10

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Came in 43rd out of 250 teams in last week's Urban Assault Ride. Easily Top 10 for teams over 40. This in 90 degree heat! Here's a top 10:

1. London Traffic -- the Jam
2. Professional Distortion -- Ms. Kitty
3. New World -- Soul Asylum
4. Seventeen -- Sex Pistols
5. Whole Lotta Love -- Led Zeppelin
6. Matter of Time -- Magnolias
7. Neighbors -- Jonathan Richman
8. Levitate Me -- Pixies
9. Big Cheif Chinese Restaurant -- Guided By Voices
10. When I Look at the World -- U2

Bonus: Candle -- Sonic Youth

Except for a few examples a very loud list. What's your top 10?

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1) The India Song - Big Star/Keep An Eye On The Sky
2) Black Gold - Foals/Total Life Forever
3) Early 1970 - Ringo Starr/Photograph: The Very Best Of Ringo Starr
4) Excuse My Shoes - John Abercrombie-Mark Feldman-Marc Johnson-Joey Baron/Class Trip
5) Ananda Nadamadum Tillai Sankara: Ragam - Savithri / Tala - Adi (8 beats) - Shankar, Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman, Zakir Hussain, V. Lakshminarayana/Who's To Know: Indian Classical Music
6) Saturday Night In Oak Grove, Louisiana - Tony Joe White/The Best of Tony Joe White
7) One Good Man - Janis Joplin/I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
8) Four Strong Winds - Neil Young/Comes a Time
9) Havana Moon - Chuck Berry/The Great Twenty-Eight
10) The Bottomless Lake - John Prine/In Person & On Stage

bonus: Hasten Down the Wind - Warren Zevon/I'll Sleep When I'm Dead


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