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Do I have to give up my Minnesota cred because I don't like the MN State Fair? Am I missing something or is the fair nothing but a bunch of sweaty people waddling down an extremely congested street stuffing their face with incredibly unhealthy food? Here's a Random Top 10 as I wait for the State Fair police to through me into the gulag:

1. She Belongs to Me -- Bob Dylan
2. Desolation Row -- Bob Dylan
3. Cold Irons Bound -- Bob Dylan
4. Running out of Angels -- Elvis Costello
5. Eldorado -- Neil Young
6. Crushed -- The Wedding Present
7. Keep on the Sunny Side -- The Carter Family
8. Am I Evil -- Metallica
9. Human Touch -- Elvis Costello
10. Yours to Keep -- Guided By Voices

Bonus: Beautiful Noise -- Neil Diamond.

Wow! The incredibly rare Artist consecutive triple shot. I've never had that before. Lots of classic artists in this list. What's your top 10?


1) Johnny Too Bad - John Martyn/Grace & Danger
2) Before They Make Me Run - The Rolling Stones/Some Girls
3) Ruins - Material/Hallucination Engine
4) Operator - Grateful Dead/American Beauty
5) It All Depends on You - Frank Sinatra/Swingin' Session
6) Mississippi Rising - Floratone/Floratone
7) Long As I Can See the Light - Marc Cohn/Listening Booth: 1970
8) Sweepstakes Winner - Let's Active/Every Dog ...
9) This Must Be The Night - Willie Deville/Le Chat Bleu
10) Magic Bus - The Who/Live at Leeds

"Do I have to give up my Minnesota cred because I don't like the MN State Fair?"

Yes. :-)

It's about time the food suppliers at these events were forced to provide healthy food for those of us who don't eat their rubbish.

If they all ate healthy food they'd probably sweat less (less weight) and wouldn't waddle so much.

There is healthy food, you just have to know where to find it (Midtown Global Market, Holyland and the fabulous unsweetened ice tea at Java Jive come to mind). We logged over 9,000 steps on the odometer. Sharing a bag of mini doughnuts one day a year won't kill you.

Its cause he only cares about the his short term results.


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