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Given their recent track record against the White Sox in August and September, it comes as no surprise that , with the season on the line for Ozzies Boyz, the Twins come into Chicago and lay a death blow to the White Sox season.

Wednesday it was Jesse Crain and striking out Ron Paul Konerko and Manny with the bases loaded. Yesterday it was Joe Mauer showing off his man muscles and hitting a key three run homerun. In each instance you could see the Sox deflate and basically check their watch for the rest of the game. It's over. The Twins can smell it, the White Sox have accepted it, and all of a sudden the national press has noticed the Twins and wonder if they can compete in October.

You gotta love the killer instinct of this Twins club. Coming into Chicago with a 6 game lead, they really didn't need to win a game and still would have been in the driver's seat. But that's not the approach they took. Denard Span said after Tuesday's game that they wanted to kill the White Sox' chances and by winning the first two games, effectively did that.

So it would be nice to win tonight's game too, just to rub their nose in it. But it doesn't matter if the Twins win or not tonight. Sometime in the next week or so they will have clinched the AL Central Division and then set their sights on the playoffs: Rest some players, get their pitching match-ups in place, scout the Yankees and the Rays. It's all looking good and we'll be playing baseball in a chilly but rocking Target Field this October.


Gotta play to win, always, and this is reinforced here.

How long has it been since they won the series, like 20 years or so? Be great to see them pull it out.

I am glad to be a visitant of this everlasting blog! thankyou for this rare information!


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