Friday Random Top 10

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Ok that Viking's game was real "fun." Can we get back to baseball now or do we have to get excited about the Timberwolves? How about a random top ten:

1. South Australia -- The Pogues
2. All You Fascists -- Billy Bragg and Wilco
3. Silver -- Pixies
4. Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy -- Guided By Voices
5. There's No There -- Dinosaur Jr.
6. Dr. Wu -- Minutemen
7. Folk Star -- Paul Westerberg
8. The New Kid (live) -- The Old 97's
9. Love and Happiness -- Al Green
10. London Girl -- The Jam

Bonus: Starman -- Golden Smog

Nice list. One of my favorites in a long while. What's your top 10?

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Baseball for sure and perhaps I'm crazy, but I am looking forward to hoops starting up again. Gophers should be better with Trevor in the lineup and I'm curious to see how the Wolves' makeover progresses.


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