Friday Random Top 10



Twins clinch and we only needed 151 games this year. What a novel concept. Here's random top 10 to celebrate:

1. Purple Rain -- Prince
2. I'm Just Happy to Dance with You -- The Beatles
3. 3rd Stone from the Sun -- Jimi Hendrix
4. Hate it Here (live) -- Wilco
5. I Want Candy -- The Strangeloves
6. At the Edge of the Sea -- The Wedding Present
7. Nevermore -- Soundtrack of our Lives
8. Just as I Am -- Johnny Cash
9. The Wait -- The Pretenders
10. Ideology -- Billy Bragg

Bonus: Leaving on a Jet Plan -- Peter Paul and Mary

Wow four songs from the 60's on that list. What's your top 10?


1) The Wake-Up Bomb - REM/New Adventures in Hi-Fi
2) House We Used to Live In - Smithereens/Green Thoughts
3) It Takes Two to Tango - Todd Rundgren/Something/Anything?
4) Compared to What - Les McCann & Eddie Harris/Black Power
5) The End of The Rainbow - Richard & Linda Thompson/Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
6) White Blank Page - Mumford & Sons/Sigh No More
7) City of Women - Robyn Hitchcock/Wig in a Box
8) Bourbon Street Parade - Kid Ory/Kid Ory! Favorites!
9) Mood for Moderns - Elvis Costello & the Attraction/This Year's Model
10) Baby, Let's Play House - Wanda Jackson/I Remember Elvis

bonus - Back Home in Derry - Christy Moore/Ride On

it's "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You";
sorry, had to get that out there, being a Beatles-obsessive. Decent song written by John and Paul for George back when he had a hard time penning songs that were good enough to make the cut on an album full of Lennon/McCartney classics, esp true with "A Hard Day's Night". May sound crazy, but I actually think as famous as it is, that the album is underrated. You rarely see it make any "top 100"-type lists. Usually the oldest Beatle record to make those lists is "Rubber Soul", and then pretty much every record after except "Let It Be" will be on there, and highly placed. I think "A Hard Day's Night" deserves a slot close to some of those more admittedly "mature" albums. Though it may not be as sophisticated lyrically and thematically, the pure pop/rock songwriting was arguably never better than on songs like "If I Fell", "And I Love Her", "I'll Be Back", "You Can't Do That", "I Should Have Known Better", "I'll Cry Instead", title track, etc etc. There are very few bands that have made a single record this good, much less have material of such caliber be considered to consist of the "lesser" era of their canon.

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