It was a Labor Day Weekend!!

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I spent the Labor Day weekend (Thursday afternoon through Monday evening) demolishing my back cement stairs and rebuilding new wood stairs. It was hard but ultimately rewarding work that of course took a bit longer than I thought.

The first two and 1/2 days entailed demolishing the cement steps. Nine hours of jackhammering and I finally got the steps into a pile of rubble. Then after finishing the jack hammering Saturday morning I had to push the rubble out of the way from our project site. I wore my wedding ring during the jack hammering, which tore into my hand and finger. That'll leave a mark!. See the pile of rubble below.

The rest of Saturday meant digging holes for cement footings and then pouring the footings So I was sitting at the end of the day Saturday exhausted from moving cement and dirt and still had a steps and patio to build.


Sunday I had a couple extra helpers and the work went fast while Monday was suppose to only take a few hours to get some of the last railing and balustrades in. Again it took longer as this work was on the step part which mean cutting lots of angles. By 6:00 Monday we were done and we had a new wooden patio and steps. It was lots of work but looks great!


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Looks good, nice job. I think I have a set of stairs you can work on next weekend should you feel so 'inclined'! :)


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