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Jim Thome and Target Field on cover of Sports Illustrated. Since then Mauer, Thome, Hardy, and Rausch hurt, Twins lose a bunch of games looking the Cleveland Indians, and a new billboard goes up in the plaza, much to the consternation of the Twins and the City. And who says there's no SI jinx? Looks like we need a Friday Top 10...

1. Newark Wilder -- Pavement
2. Dumb Dumb Dumb -- Teenage Fanclub
3. Corduroy -- The Wedding Present
4. Out Of The Picture -- Son Volt
5. Today -- Smashing Pumpkins
6. I Found Someone/Why Do You Do Me/I Want You So Bad -- James Brown
7. Nausea -- X
8. Ashamed Of Myself -- The Blasters
9. Golden Years -- David Bowie
10. Wonderboy -- The Kinks
Bonus: Remote Control -- The Clash

Nice mix of old and new. What's your top 10?


“Transit” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, Transit
“I’ll Come Running” – Brian Eno, Another Green World
“I’m So Straight I’m a Weirdo” – Rick Wakeman, Rock & Roll Prophet
“Brother Up in Heaven” – Alan Parsons, On Air
“London Town” – Wings, London Town
“Tattoo” – Ohm, Amino Acid Flashback
“Ventura Highway” – America, History: America’s Greatest Hits
“If You Leave” – Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, The Best of OMD
“Treasure” – Trevor Rabin, National Treasure soundtrack
“Rejection” – Lisa Gerrard, Whale Rider soundtrack

I'm looking forward to the post season (as the Mariners stagger across the finish line and the salt in my eye that was their season is mercifully laid to rest). If you didn't catch the Ken Burns addendum to his baseball series that ran on PBS this week, check it out when it runs again. A little NY and Boston centric, but still interesting.

1) You Leave Me Breathless - Ella/Pure Ella
2) Jeff's Boogie - The Yardbirds/Beckology
3) Salty Dog - Dave Van Ronk/The Mayor of MacDougal Street
4) Frenchette - David Johansen/Crucial Music
5) Bangkok - Nomads/Showdown
6) Set em Up, Joe - Jamey Johnson/The Guitar Song
7) Farewell, Farewell - Fairport Convention/Leige & Lief
8) Bring Back the Past - Roky Erickson w/ Okkervil River
9) Money - Flamin' Groovies/Oldies but Groovies
10) Hump for Bending - The Hiddin Cameras/AWOO

super special funky bonus: Jasper Country Man - Bobbi Humphrey/The Kings of Funk by RZA

I feel that elected officials need to do more things like this for the people.

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female body cold, cold hands and feet of all girls look at the [men] for my wife received a

Body of people who eat cold food is good? Better than drugs

first: a woman never, never Do not let yourself cool. Cold is the root of all trouble. Poor woman cold blood, cold hands and feet and dysmenorrhea. Poor blood spots on the president of the face, the body's energy can not moisturize the skin, the skin is not angry, so many women, like perfect skin like fine china, but not in youth, to say the least sense; and some young women, no matter how long Peas is very life.

still more terrible thing is that our reproductive system is the most cold-blooded, cold once our constitution, it will choose a long more fat to insulation, we will be under the navel long fat. Once sufficient blood warm, these fat no longer necessary, automatically will be vanished.

woman body cold, cold hands and feet easily and dysmenorrhea is a common phenomenon. Now more common :
First: MM are diet, eating only vegetables and fruits, and vegetables and fruits, the majority of cold, fear of fat, not eating red meat. In fact, red meat is a boon of women, especially beef and lamb , all with a lot of iron, can effectively avoid anemia. MM anemia naturally pale face.

Second, MM are mostly white collar, sitting on the computer every day to work, work backwards to watch TV, high- heeled shoes are really not suitable for hyperactivity. Brother out on a date will Kaijulaijie, buy a gym card also does not take twice a year. Because sitting too much blood on both parts of the silt in the lower abdomen. Sweep the flow of blood is not always the backlog in our pelvis, pelvic inflammation, how can we not long, if there is inflammation, his face will naturally yellow and spot. Even if will not inflammatory, non-blocking blood flow in the capillaries in the skin, uneven skin tone will be.

say that again, MM are beauty, with the recoil underwear to his waist tightly, in fact, that no use, beam too tightly, your reproductive system is no blood supply, even cold, More cold on long fleshy. Now that winter is popular to wear a skirt ah, here is a thin sock, the entire lower body is cold, cold starting from the foot thing.

There, MM who love to eat ice, in order not to drink more herbal tea acne. In fact, a woman afraid of the cold, it is best to avoid contact with cold medicine. Doudou long in many people not because yang is too busy, but because of the deficiency, yin-yang can not be Han, and its loss of the yang, yin is more appropriate than (later to say this). I have observed, drink herbal tea and more southern Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, such as the woman behind the birth of a more serious case of Minister of plaque (fat after birth is not the yard up, and the fertility and the reproductive system to produce a wound, inflammation, not smooth to restore the system more vulnerable to cold requires more fat protection). Even the ancient prostitutes, in order to take effective contraception will also Chinese medicine cold, showing that these drugs damage the reproductive system. In the herbal tea, some yin qi, they can take, but the sex is too cold, can not be used, such as aloe vera MM popular raw food, it is terror, the most effective ingredients of aloe emodin is extremely cold, topical aloe vera can cure burns (like Centipede), we can imagine how cold it is, nothing or eat better.

Oh, that so much, we do not do is to cold beauty, that it is very easy, eat red meat, eat ginger, red dates, animal blood, rice wine, cherry... In short, is rich in iron, or something more moderate, some good stuff, like white fungus, lemon, do not shoot something to eat during menstruation. Pay attention to insulation, do not drink too much ice things, drink hot drinks, do not hang out the old air -conditioned room, and do not want to grace not to temperature, also wearing a cool autumn Lu Qizhuang. Winter is the best insulation foam hot water, not to save gas, taking a dip in the hot water thirty minutes, plus massage, and then the body will heat up the cold. Can not bath on feet is required. And then not holding a cup of hot water all day, the embrace of hot water, cold woman is perfectly justified.

of course, better to let your heat up, too much strenuous exercise is not conducive to weight loss, the most effective is the waist and abdomen and inner thighs stretching movements, such as stretching up in the morning, around the waist, in short, to focus on the movement of the waist, not too short, otherwise one will be more blood to stop silt set in waist. Very effective gentle yoga, Latin dance is also very good. But I also recommend yoga, because yoga is more emphasis on breathing, blood gas line to line.

there is to pay attention to taking some blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine and food. This should be very careful, not everyone has the congestion, circulation had even, it will damage the body, such as excessive menstrual flow caused. Therefore, the amount of MM according to menstrual and menstrual blood viscosity, there are no spots on his face to judge. Blood circulation category of traditional Chinese medicine are: Motherwort, peach, peach kernel, safflower, which is ranked from mild to severe, the more back the more powerful, I suggest to eat the first two on the line. Can take tea (hot tea), peach sparkling wine with a more effective, and the tea and wine can also be used to wipe her face, the face is to dark spots.

In winter, many girls will have the phenomenon of cold hands and feet, cold hands and feet long, is not only uncomfortable, but also easily frostbitten and other diseases. The main reason is mainly hands and feet cold winter slow down the metabolism of the blood, low temperatures to vasoconstriction, blood circulation has declined, making the hands and feet, especially the fingers, toes and other Department of tail blood circulation, poor circulation caused by peripheral nerve.

hands and feet cold feet a day care program

feet is the most effective method. In the deeper the pot by adding hot water around 40 degrees, allowing water to diffuse through the ankle. Soak for 20 minutes or so, will feel the body heat, indicating that blood circulation after the body begins to heat flow. If the feet at the same time and then rub your feet, the effect will be better.

aerobics jogging, brisk walking, skipping, disco, tai chi, etc., in various parts of the activities will make up the body , promote blood circulation, but not excessive exercise, high intensity movement, a lot of sweat, would

wear cotton socks, cotton socks

not only soft and comfortable, but also absorb sweat, so that can keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

calorie foods

cold tonic, to increase the heat, cold hands and feet to be interested in improving tonic. Cold northern winter, can warm up food, such as beef, mutton or dog; and mild southern climate, should clear up sweet warm flavor, such as chickens, ducks, fish was more suitable; and try to eat fruits and cold such as pears, chestnuts and so on.

ensure adequate sleep every day to ensure that at least six hours of sleep, adequate sleep is conducive to storage yang, sex fluid accumulation.

massage hands heart
have time to rub the hands and feet are often the heart, blood vessels to improve micro-circulation in the end, and has the effect of hands and feet warm.

orange peel treatment of cold hands and feet

Japanese scientists discovered that orange peel extract hesperidin, added to drinking water, can significantly improve the phenomenon of cold hands and feet of women. In the experiment, researchers asked 10 female patients suffering from cold hands and feet hesperidin drinking water, drinking water 10 patients. Two hours later let them put their hands soaked in cold water 1 minute, then test the blood flow and temperature recovery. The results show that a group of drinking water, 40 minutes flip the temperature has not been restored, and drinking water, a group of hesperidin, just 30-35 minutes to soak in cold water on the restoration of hand before the temperature of the capillary fingertip blood flow improved significantly.

winter, some people always feel cold hands and feet is a common phenomenon. This is mainly because of the nature of the temperature decreases, less than yang, yang and the body's own will be insufficient, the body appears Yang's performance. In addition, because the cold weather, human blood vessels, blood returning ability will be weakened, making the hands and feet, especially the fingertips some of the blood circulation, which is commonly known as This situation commonly occurs in women, especially middle-aged women are more common, more mental than manual cold hands and feet, in healthy young men who are rare.
cold will make people's body or the local blood circulation, or limb peripheral blood circulation disorder children, which causes cold hands and feet. Often long-term cold hands and feet , can be called TCM theory holds that it is qi, qi stagnation, lack of response to yang. Women during menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth and other special physiological periods, due to weak health, more likely to cause cold hands and feet. If you do not prevent a timely manner will result in poor mental, physical reaction chills, severe lower extremity varicose veins can cause.

1. Eat ginseng. This is a qi medicine, of peace, and not dry up. Can be soaked in water to drink alone.

2. Eat sesame seeds, peanuts. Rich in vitamin E and a variety of nutrients, the absorption of vitamin B can help to strengthen the ability of nerves against the cold. Vitamin E also expand blood vessels, can enhance the child's limb peripheral blood circulation.

3. Eat onions, peppers, etc., may help the body generate heat, promote blood circulation of the food .

other measures:

spend more feet with hot water, both to make the body warm, but also relieve tired nerves.

winter cold hands and feet to improve the way

clinical manifestations of deficiency: 1. Low back pain and cold. 2. Cold hands and feet, frequent urination.

deficiency are suitable for the food to eat seafood, leek seeds. Kidney can choose Pill, Wu Zi Yan Zong balls.

kidney case is easy to fire Wang, Yin Huo-wang, if the next time you use those warm impotence drug, equivalent to fuel, heat the patient is even greater . Conversely, if the patient deficiency, cold, you use some yin drugs, and so was worse, the patient also can not stand.

in cold climates, some people wear thin, but full of energy. Some of them very young is especially cold, the body cover tightly, still cold hands and feet.

in medicine, In other words, the decline of the human body yang, qi and blood deficiencies, Wei Yang is not solid, not very inviting to resist the external muscle invasion of pathogenic cold, people are particularly vulnerable to cold. Modern research shows that the main body and the so-called Yang deficiency, low blood pressure, body weight loss, thyroid dysfunction and so on. How to change the constitution Yang, eliminating the cold feeling? First of all varieties should pay attention to diet adjustments to the poor person with a yang fire fire.
often eat cold mutton, dog, etc. There Wenshen aphrodisiac foods, and hot pepper, shrimp, walnuts, etc., of great help to improve the ability to keep out the cold. Lamb sweet and warm, rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., can be warm in the tonic, Kidney and Liver, spleen appetizer is rich in warm winter camps to support high quality goods. Dog meat, sweet and warm, can Buzhongyiqi, Wenshen impotence, five organs, strong waist and knee, warm under the coke, rich in protein, carbohydrates and calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc., on the cold back pain, physical weakness patients with cold warming and other effects. As the saying goes, Pepper contains capsaicin, can stimulate appetite, improve digestion, makes rapid heartbeat, peripheral capillaries to expand, increasing blood flow to the surface. Winter proper eating chili, people feel warm and comfortable, and can prevent the cold and wet on the invasion of joint and muscle damage. Shrimp in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron levels were higher than meat , eggs, milk, with Wenshen Xing Yang, spleen and stomach, around the blood of power, the most suitable for spleen deficiency, impotence, low back pain in patients with winter consumption. Walnut for more than 40% fat, and is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, can lower cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and hypertension. Which is rich in phospholipids constitute an important raw material of human cells, can enhance cell activity, promote hematopoietic function, increase appetite. In addition, it is rich in carbohydrates, high heat production , increase body heat, warm warm.
worth mentioning are: the method using cold alcohol is a common misunderstanding. Because very little heat generated by the wine itself, have a fever after drinking the feeling of the body, alcohol dilates blood vessels , distribution of body heat of the original results. Jiujin the past, the body storage of a large number of heat dissipation in vitro, but decreased ability to keep out the cold, people tend to make Goose bumps, which is commonly known as
cold winter, in addition to increasing physical activity, more clothes, daily if more cold food, can increase the body's resistance to cold. Life common cold foods:
meat: the dog, lamb, beef, venison's cold is better. They contain protein, carbohydrates and fat are high, kidney yang, warm temperature, the qi and blood circulation effect. Eat the meat yang of the body can speed up the metabolism, endocrine function increases, so to keep out the cold effect .
roots: Medical researchers have found that people afraid of the cold and lack of body salts. Lotus root, carrots, lily, potato, cabbage, Chinese cabbage are rich in inorganic salts, such food may wish to doping with other foods for human consumption.
spicy foods: peppers contain capsaicin, ginger contains aromatic volatile oil, pepper contains piperine. Eating spicy food can drive these wind and cold, promoting blood circulation, increase body temperature.
iodine-containing food: kelp, seaweed, sea salt, seaweed, jellyfish, clams, cabbage, spinach, corn and other iodine-containing foods can promote the body's thyroid hormone secretion.
with heat effects of thyroid hormone, which can speed up the body (except brain, glands, uterus) the vast majority of cells of the oxidation process, increase thermogenesis, the increased basal metabolic rate, blood circulation and strengthen skin, anti-cold-warm.
iron-rich food: Pennsylvania State University researchers found that iron deficiency in human blood is also cold. Women's anemia hemoglobin than normal body temperature of women with low 0.7 ℃, 13% less heat production, when the increase in iron intake, the cold was markedly increased.
Therefore, cold- blooded women may have high iron content to increase awareness of food intake, such as liver, lean meat, spinach, egg yolk and other diet regimen

first talk about the other

cool or cold, where applicable, hot body and illness in the food, it is cool or cold foods. Such as for heat, thirst, irritability embolism as a watermelon; for cough, chest pain, sputum embolism as the pear belong to the cold nature of the food .

warm or cold or hot and cold contrast, where applicable, physical and disease in the cold food, it is warm or hot foods. As for the cold cold, fever, chills, runny nose, headache embolism as the ginger, scallion stalk, parsley; for abdominal pain, vomiting, hi hot embolism as the ginger, black tea; for cold extremities, chills, rheumatic arthralgia embolism as the pepper, wine, etc., belong to the warm nature of the food.

level between the nature of the food cold and hot food between nature, suitable for general physical fitness, cold, heat illness people can use. More general level of food nutrition and health care of the goods . Such as rice, flour, beans, potato, carrot, apple, milk.

from diet books are recorded in ancient Chinese medicine than 300 common food analysis, foods are mostly flat; temperature, followed by heat; cold , cool home later. In general, the various properties of food in addition to have health benefits beyond nutrition, cold foods are negative, there is heat, purging fire, cooling, and detoxification; hot foods are positive, there is cold, warm the , meridians, yang and other effects.

neutral and peaceful nature of food

from the Chinese point of view, food is divided into five, general is flat, cold, cold, warm and hot nature of these five. Summer, we advocate that people eat more flat, cold, cold food, such as common beans, mushrooms, etc. Cold tofu of food are more common, as well as melon, sponge gourd. Cold food is bitter melon , tomatoes, watermelon

level of food:

rice, soybeans, black sesame, peanuts, potatoes, cabbage, cabbage, carrots, onions, black mushrooms, lemon pork, theme, eggs, fish in the carp, crucian carp, catfish, croaker, pomfret. In addition, we drink milk everyday in foods also are flat.

cold foods:

buckwheat, corn, radish, melon, mushrooms , celery, lettuce, rape, oranges, apples, and so on.

cold foods:

millet, mung bean, kelp, green bean, bitter gourd, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, watermelon , melon, and so on.

In general, the nature of food can be divided into cold, heat two categories:

those imported burning, nice and warm food into the stomach, mainly within the thermal resistance, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, wine and so on.

import cool, fresh food into the stomach, basically cool. Summer eating jelly, made of mung bean flour Department, eat hot weather heat. South of the cold tofu, with additional mint stick flour, gypsum point into the entrance that is very cool feeling. The watermelon, water chestnuts, pear, cucumber, raw lotus root, persimmon and other fruits, but also mostly cold.

However, with the mouth and stomach to perceive the nature of the food is not too accurate after all, the vast majority of food after eating cold and heat is based on the response to the decision. Such as lamb, winter, frosty, the family around the pot to eat lamb, fresh graduates whole body nice and warm, and eat meat, people do not stand the cold, so we say that lamb and warm. There are dog meat, beef , and so on. If the summer and other hot food to eat dog meat, then inevitably dry mouth and throat, nose bleeding. On the contrary, eating certain foods and sometimes faint sound of the belly, or even loose stools, light mouth feel , the food mostly cold thing.

typical example is the crab. Then Jia told: mouth shochu Chai in the crab poem said: Wine, ginger are hot, so often used to fin crab, sometimes with vinegar,
sometimes after eating imported feelings and reactions are not consistent. For example, litchi, fresh lychee juice Gan after ripping flesh white, sip on one, but also feel Ganliang, but if really like Su said that Orange, too, the juice, creatinine, did not eat hot feeling. If more food would cause mouth, tongue erosion, because the temperature due to their sexual side.

sum, food, cold, cold, warm, hot (Chinese medicine called it as a flat, level of food most suitable for long-eat food such as rice, pork and the like.

Lack of blood
woman with blood-based. Less blood, the body naturally cold, cold.
To his conditioning is not difficult:
1, Siwutang ---- Angelica 6 g, white peony root, 3 grams, Chuanxiong 3 grams, Rehmannia 12 grams (with pharmacy) to eight bowls of water to cook, warm drink. Day one.
2, Guiqi Tom ---- Beiqi 10 grams, five grams of Angelica, decoction.
service Siwutang week, feel how their own decision.
two before taking the turn.
girls body cold to eat what is better? 1 red dates,Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, red dates, boiling water is by definition, buy dates to the core, or nucleus can also come and buy their own, and the pot with brown sugar, ginger can be added You can add dried longan, this has a simple and affordable, most are warm people.
2.DIY soy milk , soy milk is more suitable than the women, China's soybean milk is very cheap, you can put up the beans inside the core dates, roasted the walnuts, fry the sesame seeds, or on put ginger to do with milk, the absolute supplement.
3. beef, water, buy lean beef, minced people, and then into the steaming pot inside, plus a few slices of ginger into hot water, then stew, half an hour the fire, small fire two and a half hours , Well, after only drinking water, the other not.
4. Angelica chicken, go to the pharmacy to buy Angelica, let them help you slice, and the two went to the home of the chicken pieces with ranch Peel, half an hour the fire, small fire two and a half hours to eat time according to your taste with salt, Angelica is the best chicken finished in a row after each vacation to eat two or three times more supplement. But not everyone can stand the taste of angelica, I replaced the water with beef.
5. glutinous rice porridge, rice is very warm person, body cold to eat the best, and to put the brown sugar, do not put sugar, If you like, you can add dried longan, red dates and the like into the pot together.
6. If you feel more tired, then go to the pharmacy to buy Angelica, and then let them help you labeled as powder, and then a hollow capsules to buy their own equipment, a day to eat one.

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9. Remember, men who have a lifetime to learn you could not finish things. You have to admire a man. As for what kind of man to enjoy, appreciate what a man, I think that your taste. -

I want to tell my man, if you have a dollar, then I want you to spend fifty cents to buy me a bunch of my favorite Mala Tang; If you have a thousand dollars, we have to eat once I eat three thousand miles, otherwise, how can you say you love me? -

is not the girl from the age of 13 a month to spend some money to sanitary napkins (of course it is a normal physiological female friends) feel special injustice, it is simmering to a boyfriend (husband) to their money ah? In fact, money is not a man of strong winds blowing ... ... -




if you think your man can not hack it, it's as early as possible to find a skill, so later married and have children, and then regret it later, do not give yourself alive sins. Who can not hack it depends on your man? Who did not go to school that go to school, skipped school to come with you? Who did not take the good work go to work, absenteeism come to you with? You in the end let her be with you, let him focus on the cause? Do you think you man is the Lord ah? You just find a few more, you have to make money, you have to face competition, there is talk of lighting, pull wax Blows got there! You know, men hate you face the old society to the bed of a distortion, he began the endless chatter that does not work that does not work, there are lines, and you with it? We have to know their worth twelve! Other side of the people to love to romantic holidays to give you roses, one has to be real life people to save money for your car or house. Do you think men and Gates cheating ah! -

OK is not nonsense. Start ......-

I want to say that men are not around us, apart from messing around to mess up there squandered his money away, there are many things we can do. For example, to go home to see your parents, do they give you to eat meals, listen to their Yikusitian; for example, to his parents house to help him clean the health, some exercise; for example, about a sister who find a place training exercise, will be good figure to keep in the end; for example, find a few of the classics, and to enrich my knowledge their own, look to improve quality, do not feel silly all day long when the two big chest no brains and lost a good looking idiot, is a special something to show his face; book really could not stand, but also to read the tape, long and stinking up the shows to look, read more silent grumble, look a little technical content, a woman must be inside or outside support; if the a little pursuit, spare time I advise you to practice your words, ink brush to avoid, as long as Gan Minger time to sign your son, do not let the teacher innocent child is your own home to sign, and penalty Xiaoya very door stood herd . -

woman to cherish a treasure of the heart, cherish that in accordance with your patience with you by the people. You have to remember that, if he loves you, you are nothing! Put a little dark, a woman must learn to be prepared to give yourself a posterior approach. -

2. do not agree with the opinions of others is normal, because you have a separate CPU, but learn to respect. -


even if you have decided to get married, but also give you some space right man. He will understand and appreciate you, believe me. Then he is a man love you, you do not understand why he can see from the game to forget you exist, you can not understand why he went out drinking every week and a few small wine buddy, you can not understand why he there lie waiting for you to casually, as long as you receive it; because those things do not need you to understand. As he will not understand, your closet for your day to 80-year-old is not a heavy kind of clothes, even though he did not understand, but you still willing to phase in a skirt, eat half of the prime . -

10. all the conditions allow, at the appropriate time, the mother it

nothing else, I would like this document to make people happy, including me, people worry about the girls; the way I wish everyone, including me, day by inside exudes makes it difficult to resist the charm - the charm of nature and human charm. -

I wondered why female friends than male friends, the average long life, in addition to smoking and drinking than women are rarely, there is a major reason that a man to bear the social responsibility is more important, the lives of men to bear much more pressure than women. -


If you do not know how to save money, as he is to find ways to earn money, rather than complain that they married the wrong Lang. Something you should at least buy their own half, so even if he held you, you can give yourself a chance to get him to buy you tore something pulled his face solution Ah vent! And as not to destroy other people to buy things after his bare buttocks to go home. -

5. focus on the heart, but not slovenly; review of the U.S. men are tired, all day slovenly untidy fill of you here to whom blocking it! -

If men really do not want you, it is certainly not you. I mean, you'd better not entangled. He does not, and hello, and do not explore the causes of hysteria, and I tell you, the truth is only one, you're not good enough. I puzzled over a long time, a woman's stupid, what the source where the river? So far, the most convincing answer I make, is dependent. Women always had is not his own doing the things identified as their own, and then worry about the outcome; more fun is that obviously they do not understand treasure unruly as a result of loss of something they have to say is the betrayal of others , which makes a man quite Mozhe of. Said the old woman is vulnerable, this hypocritical strength up, do not necessarily who is weak. Your pain is you always feel like a victim, you are not asked for it? I have to give you this advice: serious games, but keep in mind is the game. -

7. life on a man, not a shame. -

out of the hall there is such a good wife into the kitchen, you want him to have an affair is immune! Men are very troublesome, as long as the family better so he would not waste time and effort to re-establish a relationship of money, unless he is very naive. If he tired of you, you are first to find the reasons for it! I have a friend who said this sentence: I love you, I can give you as cattle and horses, but you do not really put my beck and call when the cattle! This made me very well ... ah ... the girls in your heart, what he really is a cattle? You know, your life, encountered a cattle willing to do for you people, how much luck is it? Moment of silence for the pampered young ignorant ... ... -

Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It's very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.


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