Friday Random Top 10


Beautiful Fall Friday, I'll be walking around campus at lunch, high school football game in the evening. Can't think of a better way to spend the day. How about a random top 10?

1. Southern Rock Opera -- Drive By Truckers
2. Armalite Rifle -- Gang of Four
3. Black Diamond -- The Replacements
4. Wigwam -- Bob Dylan
5. Did I Tell You? -- To La Tengo
6. Legionnaire's Lament -- The Decemberists
7. Paper Tiger -- Beck
8. French Film Blurred -- Wire
9. She's Just a Girl -- Devo
10. Portland, Or -- Loretta Lynn w/Jack Black

Bonus: Southern Girls -- Cheap Trick

Nice variety. What's your top 10 list look like?


1) Everyone's Gone to the Movies - Steely Dan/Katy Lied
2) Lake Marie - John Prine/Live on Tour
3) Silver Jenny Dollar - New Pornographers/Together
4) You're Looking Tired - Sera Cahoone/Sera Cahoone
5) Is There Any Love - Trevor Dandy/Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal
6) Baker's Dozen - Galactic/We Love 'Em Tonight: Live At Tipitina's
7) When I Write the Book - Nick Lowe/Basher -The Best of Nick Lowe
8) Have You Heard? - ZZ Top/Tres Hombres
9) At the Chime of a City Clock - Nick Drake/Bryter Layter
10) I Can't Hear You - The Dead Weather/Sea of Cowards

bonus: Diamonds On My Windshield - Tom Waits/Heart of Saturday Night

Farewell Solomon Burke.

On a whim, I set WMP to randomly play only songs from the year 2000; let’s see how this filter works out:

“2116″ – Planet X, Universe
“Voodoodoodoo” – Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires Compilation soundtrack
“Green Destiny (Love Theme)” – Tan Dun, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack
“Power of Denial” – Thomas Newman, American Beauty soundtrack
“Tierra Verde” – Jeff Lorber, The Definitive Collection
“Headloss” – Caravan, Where But For Caravan Would I?*
“Gibraltar” – Geoffrey Downes, The World Service
“Seeing Her Again” – Roger Eno, The Long Walk
“Quiet Theme (End Titles)” – Richard Marvin, U-571 soundtrack
“Loser” – 3 Doors Down, The Better Life
*okay, this track is from 1974, but the compilation is from 2000

Well, not bad — even some good soundtrack action. TGIF!

Well, not bad — even some good soundtrack action. TGIF!

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but according to folk legend, in the long, long time ago mont blanc pen, between the feet and shoes, there has been a very harmonious time. Bound feet shoes feel free to assert their individuality, not arbitrary comfortable bones; shoes feel just running around the foot, brought to earth shoes all the dirt. Feet subconscious that: the body's natural feet the most beautiful, chic attitude can be outside all make shoes grab the limelight. Shoes secretly ponder: Everyone Doukua own brilliant, can behold the pain of all to wear their own bear. -

perhaps, precisely because such a profound lesson, feet and shoes back and get better. As we have witnessed in the streets today as - the two sides to walk, like a couple lines! It seems, feet and shoes must be silently accepted and tolerated each other's real, including deficiencies and shortcomings. The only way to exceed each other, work together to create a harmonious and beautiful scenery to walk! -

couple of you, when the quarrel is also complain shoes (feet)? Only tolerance; generous; mutual understanding! You will understand that the freedom of the foot, has nothing to do with the shoes! -

day, feet whisper: Could not help low-muttered: ? services, but also to add luster to the beauty of the world!

this way, the feet and shoes, angrily broke up! Feet left the shoes, to know what it meant to gingerly treading on thin ice - World Avenue is covered with red carpet path is impossible for the relaxed and happy to walk barefoot. The shoes can be worn without legs, was abandoned in a corner Gala Li, a long time, suddenly found himself wrapped in the image even more than when it comes to dirty smelly feet dirty. Not see past the bright beaming face, and upper covered with a thick layer of dust, shoes almost filth. -

Earth people know that feet and shoes are a pair of inseparable intimate partners, synchronization go hand in hand, coming and going, walking shoes, feet moving. -

Internet is the fashion, the trend is Jiaopengshiyou a good place to network is a modern bridge of communication between people is spiritual food, is a good place for learning, is a modern spirit of the game, like the network just like real life, big woods, what birds are, there are good people, there are bad people, we have to grasp their mentality, to master their own direction, especially married men and women, do not lose a home Road ......
chat you know all of a sudden just kind of strange feeling, like a shock, you You can play like a genius imagination, imagine the other side of the image, and conversation, imagine two people with the good, then, then he had been hurt or hurt the fragile never mind lies in the network, entrusted to network the other side of that person.
of online dating too seriously people it would be unwise, for married men and women, even more so! Family life is dull, is steady, but the human mind is never quiet, everyone is eager to boring life can occasionally stirred ripples blossoming, and everyone can look forward to love life into the new elements, but normal family will not allow you to free derailed, but the derailment has to bear the cost and the kind of courage of ordinary people will not dare to try the root cause.
love! Very simple, and sometimes that is a feeling, a sudden the heart, full of imagination, giving the network, but also to the people who love to fully communicate the time and space, as long as the feeling came, not impede, but often return to reality, everyone says that online dating is not reliable, you have to face this social reality.
after all, is the reality, back to reality, if you can really love, undeniable, your love will stand the test of time.
You can not believe that online dating, online dating that you did not before, you do not have much say in short, the pros and cons of online dating can not be generalized, first thing to do is to protect Do not be fooled by his sweet talk, but if we can understand each other in good faith communication, to find his true love, that is it not a cause for rejoicing!
game with rules of the game, of course, there are online dating online dating rules, and that is never really, really up on the vulgar, and thus really a bitter, too bitter feelings had been out of the track ... ... dating online and the crowd is not divided into requirements, whether young, old, unmarried, married, brilliant, stupid, and so reckless so, anyone can online dating, why are there so many people online and this way to try it!
so easy online and will be occupied this piece of the field blank, strange each other, gentle and considerate, inexplicable heart, fresh stimulus, is another kind of love alive! What a wonderful ah!
online dating is so beautiful, beautiful and colorful as the people could not bear waking dream; dating Void, empty too so you never catch the cable end of the line lover's heart.
reason, only one, that is not responsible for the feelings of responsibility is not easy, but also unreal, he can also have sweet, a happy, enthusiastic, have moved, but there was no obligation! We simply and a mouth, it can be hard to find love tis world flowers, one need not invest the money, the second will not have too much drag, the three people Discovery Discovery can have, such a good thing, why not do it!
alone an I would like female friends were not so naive, simple! I watch just to watch others that were so, hell that nonsense nothing, as courtesy of Western countries, like friends to a hug, a kiss to say etiquette, like greeting, as nothing special ah. Friends will be so, courtesy, so that not more conducive to friendship and unity it? But we know that a friend is always just friends, not too have non-cent, of the friends who have been married, but to be cautious, to cherish the life, do not pursue too perfect, so very hard, people can not always meet the desire of the heart, to know contentment, nothing exciting is true. Yes, I also know that true love can be found online, just as in real life, at a party, a coffee shop can be met with the occurrence of true love, but that is how slim.

You might be confident that their intelligence can not be doubted, confident liar can know everything, do to remember those who drowned in the river will often swim , strong in its own network in hand, chances are you may be someone ready to catch the fish it.

you really dating, and being the person you miss journeying far side in it, your computer restless every day to abandon the cold waiting for him, for his haggard, for his sleepless nights, driven to distraction for him, and he hit a few up to give you call back, give you a few messages, Over time, you really can not complain?

may love not guilty, but if you do not accidentally fall in love with a girlfriend of a man, fell in love with the family of a man, you virtually do a third party to bring great harm to the innocent, the beautiful courtship during your conscience is not it?

beautiful things always come and gone, and the most beautiful rainbow fugitive, most likely come to nothing good idea, if you're smart, you enjoy online met man, he also admired, then good friend, so it will not hurt themselves, nor will others difficult. Do not put a heavy burden, you will live with his relaxed and comfortable.

good friends, do appreciate each other's friends, let him appreciate your independent thinking, pondering his smile, charm you, encourage him to be a life motivated person, who will not lose their life or the simple, free. With the presence of friends, you will feel very happy.

vast network of sea, boundless, such as fog third overall, stumbled and fog, no signs, no routes, Internet friends to take advantage of their own route, do not get lost direction, remember the way home, loved ones waiting for you in return. Maybe online dating is not as anti-quenching of a fall, but when the mind empty or a fragile feeling. Vast network of sea Who knows where his heart would sink, the network is the spring seasons, anyone can find themselves as pursuing the long edge, this edge may be too easy for too vast. Here we are melancholy and sad life seemed so shallow and the background is so thick I am deeply disturbed by your heart and pale skin. Leaving a plaintive some ineffable is ineffable love for nostalgia, since the more struggling to fall into the more obsessed, all the dreams and expectations are entrusted to that fantasy world. So the collision of two lonely hearts the spark of love, cause some edge off the feelings of origin, a story come to an end, a discarding of love beats by dr dre, a confusing courtship of no return. Is a tragedy. Side is always has been wrapped around the love of his own negligence even think it is a constraint on the other side is always concerned about the smoke in my heart but often elusive at night and think you just love the so-called erratic. But you still full of trauma to the final brake feather and return the same real world only to find true love had on their side, it is so true and reliable but is not easy to lose, but to understand the reason why still do the opposite? Really tired of it, but understand the unrequited love is futile, a kind of endless floating down the emotional attachment loss than the other is very dim and melancholy, as something beautiful hazy but it is not permanent!

; Liaoba, talk sooner or later an accident!


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