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Every year I like to get leafs raked, gardens cut down, summer stuff put into the garage by November 1st. Guess what I will be doing this weekend? Also Gophers game v. OSU too, with seats close to the 50 yard line!!! Here's your top 10....

1. Buffalo Solder -- Bob Marley
2. That Summer Feeling -- Jonathan Richman
3. Surfin' Safari -- The Beach Boys
4. Nothing's Ever Gonna Stand in my Way -- Wilco
5. You are my Sunshine -- Johnny Cash
6. Front Yard -- Bellwether
7. Between and Erupting Earth and an Exploding Sky -- Los Campesinos!
8. Lost Someone -- James Brown
9. Off The Record (live) -- My Morning Jacket
10. The Future is in Eggs -- Guided By Voices

Bonus: Don't Cry Daddy -- Elvis Presley

If KQRS was a cool "classic rock" station, they would play about 80 percent of this list. As it is they maybe play the Marley song. What's your top 10?


1) Zoot Suite - Jack DeJohnette/Special Edition
2) Wishing Well - Bobby Blue Bland/I Pity The Fool -The Duke Recordings Vol.1
3) Monkey and His Cat - John Wesley Harding/Don't Look Back Now
4) We Workers Do Not Understand Modern Art - Camper Van Beethoven/Vantiquities
5) Bird Song - Grateful Dead/Reckoning
6) Shelter - The XX/XX
7) Roads Girdle the Globe - XTC/Live at Emerald City
8) Goodbye - Emmylou Harris/Wrecking Ball
9) Wishing All These Old Things Were New - Merle Haggard/If I Could Only Fly
10) God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash/American V:A Hundred Highways

bonus: Pretty Green - Mark Ronson f. Santo Gold/Version

In their defense, it is a pretty boss Marley song.

I'll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

Northeast characteristics: Geda Tang several practice
419895 | 3 |

Speaking Geda Tang, the former born in the 1960s and 1970s in the north may be most impressed by the people. At that time, to save trouble and save a lot of people, dinner is often said to drink this soup and counted out both the staple food of the Geda Tang. Today Geda Tang has embarked on formal occasions - many large hotels have, but also popular with our customers. We now eat more than the original memory Geda Tang Geda Tang a lot more ingredients such as eggs, mushrooms, meat (chicken, shrimp, squid, shellfish meat), rape, tomatoes, etc., more nutritious, more delicious the taste.

Geda Tang in the soup can water or pork ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup. From the perspective of a healthy diet, eat dinner Geda Tang is more suitable, because the pasta is easy to digest.

Geda Tang factors can be made of vegetables Geda Tang, also can be made with meat meat Geda Tang. With eggs, meat Geda Tang made especially for mental worker, you can add protein. For the frail, poor digestion people, more suitable for light, pigment Geda Tang, to eggs, lettuce,

tomato-based, both the color, appetite, and nutritious , help digestion and absorption. Vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals and fiber, can change as more fresh food and animal presents in acidic, helps to strengthen the body's immune system. For loss of appetite or often more entertaining for people who drink to drink hormone Geda Tang, while meat Geda Tang will increase the burden on the liver.

Geda Tang is the nutritional value of flour contains large amounts of vitamin B family, in the acidic environment, vitamin B1 is more stable, but the alkali do pasta, this stability will be undermined. Cook the noodles, a lot of nutrients will be lost to the soup, the boiled dumplings dr dre beats, also cause some loss of nutrients. The Geda Tang flour can make a variety of nutrients stored in the soup, pasta in well to avoid the loss of nutrients. The so-called

Geda Tang specific approach is: 1 hot wok, add a little vegetable oil pan, into the pot before the pork and stir-fry, then add the mushrooms and stir fry smell (if it is factors directly Geda Tang mushrooms stir-fried, then chopped tomatoes and stir-fry), and then add two bowls of water (or pork ribs soup, fish soup, bone soup) boil. 2 bowl of flour with cold water transferred into the thin dough back. 3 water boil, boil the gnocchi into the pot, add eggs and vegetables, boil again, add chopped green onion, a little salt and serve immediately.

make dough, the water into the bowl to be a little bit, so while stirring constantly pour water's edge, and must use cold water, do so dough will be thin and small, wok or cooked. Geda Tang Do not cooked too long, not only will the color look good, taste the taste is very poor.

Geda Tang practices (a) - shrimp, raw spinach Geda Tang

Ingredients 50 grams of flour, 1 egg, shrimp 10 grams, 20 grams of spinach . Accessories broth 200 grams of sesame oil 2 grams salt 2 grams, a little MSG.
1, Kepo the eggs, egg and flour and get into the slightly harder kneading dough, roll into thin slices, cut into small bean size, thrown into a little flour, knead the ball . 2, the shrimp cut into Ding; spinach, washed, scalded with boiling water, mince.
3, the broth into the pot, down into the small shrimp, add salt, opening down into dough, cooked, Drizzle egg yolk, add spinach at the end, Drizzle sesame oil.

Geda Tang practices (b) - the first home-style approach that mixed
lump it, no matter what the food tastes the same.
a lot of people do not taste the same, there is Thick like to drink, have a favorite soup is the soup, and the knots are knots of. The key lies in how lump mix.
go first to a bowl, plastic, stainless steel will do, no special requirements, a good wash on the line.
according to appetite, the flour into a bowl. Then add water.

water of knowledge on the big, eat thick of it, can be a continuous drip of water into a small trickle, trickle-down when the pot, stirring constantly with chopsticks, to the pot most of the powder there is a small lump and a little powder when to stop. This mix out of the lump is small and scattered, and with a powder, spread quickly into the water, so that from the thick soup. Clear to eat more, and you can once add more water during the formation of some large mixing dough, use chopsticks to break, labeled irregular appropriate physique, keep a little small block header and little powder, so that the finished product a cusp, soup clear tasty. Too bad if the block does not matter to play with chopsticks, the direct use of clean hands in the pot when pinched tear into strips, sheets on the line.

Geda Tang has well-established meat, very tasty.

said first element of it, personal opinion, the best tomatoes eggs. First boil water, add salt, pepper powder, chopped green onion (with cold diners can add ginger, very effective), chopped tomatoes, boiled eggs into the flowers, can play like two eggs into the bud load, chicken familiar, will be poured into the lump, rapid mixing, add sesame oil and a little pot before MSG.

talk dirty to it. The so-called meat of it, must have meat, it can not be a meat or pork, it must be diced, and this must be a certain proportion of fat. Corresponding to the dish it, I like beans and pepper, cabbage and Minato. Best beans fresh round tender in May, lentils and scrambled angle, pepper and tender on the line, the two had to do when chopped, cut cross-section along the Ding beans, shredded pepper on the line. The water boiled, and as above, add spices, then add diced, to put aside the foam, to proudly oil over low heat, the smell was to be able to see the flavor, then add vegetables, five minutes after adding knots, stirring constantly to evenly , amount of soy sauce to the soup by adding color, this time you will smell a very peculiar smell, five minutes after the pot.

Geda Tang practices (three) - vegetables Geda Tang

materials: flour bowl, mushrooms at the end, the end of lean meat, vegetables (or cabbage), chopped, chopped a few grains of dried shrimps, egg, salt and a little
1. hot wok, add a little salad oil pan, the pork into the pot and stir fry color first,
(2) then add mushrooms and stir-fry smell the end, add two small bowl of water burning.
3. tune into a bowl of flour with cold water thin dough back.
4. soup boil after the dough into the pan and bring to boil, add eggs, then add chopped vegetables and dried shrimps tablets, then cook until vegetables are soft.
5. sesame oil into the pot before, a little salt and seasoning.

Tip: do the dough, the water to be a little bit sailed into the bowl, and pour water's edge so that side was stirring constantly, until dough so doing they have had some small, wok that is cooked, the baby is also very easy to import. Dough must remember not too long cooked, boiled the batter to look good to buy phase, it will feel strange got to eat.
features: a variety of nutrient-rich vegetables, dough fine and smooth, is no longer even baby teeth can eat.
Geda Tang practice (d) a tomato meatballs Geda Tang
tomatoes, diced, fried meatballs a few, one onion cut green onion, a little parsley, cut into small pieces, put to find a pot of flour, How much flour according to individual needs based on my experience, a cup of flour (about 300ml) just enough for two people to drink. Frying pan get angry pour oil into the hot oil into the five green onion, saute the pot, put a little small fried tomatoes, put two garlic (diced garlic to) put a little soy sauce (soy sauce is the main color, release How many own hands) pot, add water (about 1500ml) to open fire. Bowl beat an egg, beaten back with chopsticks.

prepared following the lump, and the most to the level of control would be very bad pimple, the pimple should be standard bean size, so do it was delicious. Open faucet to allow water out of thin to very thin, very small, under the faucet into the flour, stir the flour as fast in one direction, so that it will form many small particles.
pot of water boils, fishing net floating foam, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, chicken, adjusting the taste, salt should be better than some of the other parties, you can put some other less, how much should be put with the freedom to master, according to personal preferences. The eggs slowly into the pot, spoon in one direction while holding fast to stir, the only way into the wire until the egg. Then the knots into the pot, meatballs also into the pot, boil three minutes after the cook, the Pro sesame oil pan point in time, put parsley.
1) to make lump of flour, the tap water must be very small, the water mixed with a large swelling on the skin is not thin.
2) Do not water too much, too thin is not good.
practice Geda Tang (E) clams Geda Tang

Ingredients: clams 500 g
materials: wheat flour, 250 g tomatoes 200 g eggs 150 g
spices: coriander 8 g fungus ( dried) 5 g onion 5 g ginger 4 grams 3 grams of salt pepper 3 g

clams Geda Tang method of making:
1. mince parsley, mushrooms soaked in water, onion, ginger are finely chopped. After the live clams washed sand spit, let the pot boil water opening, remove the clam, wash the sand into the soup, soak stand.
2. flour into the bowl, topped with water, Jiaocheng uniform dough; Wash tomatoes, diced, shredded fungus.
3. frying pan grease pan, the end of the next onion blasting pot, add tomatoes and stir-fry a few first, the insertion amount of soup, clam soup, then add mushrooms boil, thrown into the dough aside loose, into the clam, cream eggs, add salt, pepper, sprinkle with coriander and serve.

therapeutic effect:
Chinese medicine, clam meat, cold, salty taste;
to Yin, phlegm, soft-firm, the benefits of water, there is Yin eyesight, soft-firm, phlegm effect.

recipes nutrition:
1. clams with high protein, high trace elements, iron, calcium, low fat nutritional characteristics;
2. a kind of clam meat with lower serum cholesterol The Dyer too 7-- cholesterol and 24 - methylene cholesterol, which both inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver and accelerate the excretion of the unique role of cholesterol, so cholesterol decreased;
3. people eat clams and shellfish later, often a refreshing and pleasant feeling, which relieve symptoms of some trouble is undoubtedly useful.

Geda Tang practices (f) coarse grains production methods Geda Tang

Ingredients: cornmeal, flour, You-face, the amount
accessories: oil vinegar salt pepper
wok put the oil, add dried chili stir fragrant, then add the lentils, small, of eggplant, tomato pieces, stir together rice wine, salt, chicken seasoning.

prepared flour, cornmeal, You-face, the amount

add water, knead a small lump

pour boiling pot, pour the dough boil
stir powder into an egg, then add the fried vegetables, salt, vinegar, seasoning, into a bowl and serve.

Geda Tang practices (7) - Seafood Geda Tang

Ingredients: shrimps, clams flowers, cabbage leaves, mushrooms, flour, tomato
ingredients : green onions, ginger, broth fine, salt, pepper

practice bubble early
black fungus, ginger slices, diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage.
live shrimp to shrimp line, into the pot boiling water, remove and reserve.
spent clams into the pot boiling water, an opening to immediately remove. Remove the clam meat, cooked clams on the water with chopsticks clockwise stirring 3 minutes until golden. (Purpose is to maintain the clam flavor, but also to remove the sand.)
Clam soup will cook for 10 minutes after precipitation, the broth into the dish back.
the flour into a large bowl, gradually add the flour in the water, and stir with chopsticks into knots.
from the pan, saute onion, tomato into small fry 2 minutes, add water, black fungus, clam soup, broth precision fire to boil.
into knots in the pot and stir with a spoon to prevent adhesions, boil add shrimp and cook for 2 minutes, and finally joined the clam meat, cabbage boil immediately turn off the heat. With the right amount of salt and pepper seasoning.

clams boiled water must not be too long, the soup should be the last to join, otherwise it will lose flavor.
cooked clam soup is fresh, the soup into the soup to increase flavor.
best Tianjin cabbage green, bright colors look good.
do a little lump when to add water to both bowls can not dry the surface.

Geda Tang practices (8) - Hong Geda Tang

crab raw materials: shrimp. Flour, small rice, eggs, carrot at the end, the end of kelp, mushrooms at the end, the end of ham, parsley, ginger. Salt, chicken, pepper.
features: Tangxian delicious, nutritious.
: 1, the sea shells open, remove the waste, leaving the edible part of the cut block, take a Xiaopen, the small rice and flour mix made of knots;

; 2, the oil into the wok, stir-fry ginger under, put Stir into the crab block, adding an appropriate amount of water, add mushrooms at the end, ham end, until the soup boil after adding chicken, salt, pepper, then add the carrot at the end, the sea wakame and pimple, boil pimple cooked, Xu eggs into the pan sprinkled with parsley. ·

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