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So tonight's finally the night. Guided By Voices at First Avenue. Normally I take a jaundiced view of these reunion tours. Usually the band is clearly just looking to cash in and playing the hits for anyone who wasn't old enough or cool enough to see them the first time around. That's why I avoided both the Pixies' and more recently, Pavement's recent tours -- even though I never saw either of those great bands in their prime. But for me, this is different.

I came to GBV late. One day in 2006, Mary Lucia of the Current played Motoraway, saying that GBV was one of her all time favorite bands. I remember listening and thinking that I've heard a couple of GBV songs, what's the big fuss? I did a little research, found out that Bee Thousand was considered a classic lo-fi album and I picked it up. The first song sounds like it was recorded on a little 4 track recorder in someone's basement. Which it was. A cool guitar solo all of sudden is gone and then back, just like if someone had accidentally pulled the cord out of the amp. After just a few listens I was hooked. From there I couldn't get enough GBV and now have over 400 songs (including Robert Pollard releases) on my I-pod, a couple of DVDs, a book, etc.

Of course I was bummed when I found out that GBV had actually disbanded a couple of years before I "discovered" them so I lamented the fact that I'd never get to see them live. I actually had a good excuse. GBV's main touring years were 1994-2004. Which was exactly my prime child-rearing years as we had a baby in 1993 and 1995. I didn't get to a lot of shows during that time period and only after the kids got a little older, did live music make it back into my entertainment choices.

So I'm making an exception for Guided By Voices. One it's at First Avenue, which is the perfect place to see this band. They've been touring for a couple of weeks now and the reviews are great. Set lists indicate a heavy dose of Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes, Propeller, and scattered other classics in a two-plus hour show. But mainly it's Guided By Voices: A band with infectious pop songs that thrill me today like they did when I first heard them.

Review (with pictures) will come tomorrow.

Cutout Witch from a couple of nights ago in Seattle


You Johnny-Come-Latelys kill me. ;) Have fun.

Chances that Pollard will make a crack about the Replacements demise? 90%

I gotta get a review out. But no, nothing about the Replacements, Husker Du, et al. The Review in the City Pages picks up on this.

Also E, you'd be happy to know that Pollard didn't seem that drunk. Also he was in fightin' form and -- according to my neighbor who has seem them a couple of times -- lost a bunch of weight.

Classic !

1, day, cow donkey a difficult question to ask Donkey brains, or could not answer. Cattle curse: the first ass really, Nanzuonvyou it!
2. seven years after graduation, finally picked up a big project, made a thirty meters chimneys, two months duration, cost three hundred thousand, but to Loaning. Finally finished at the end of last year out. Today people to come to acceptance, to be criticized, to die, not get paid. Damn! Drawings look backwards, others to dig a well!
3. a drunken man accidentally fell from the third floor, attracting passers-by crowd, a police came: What happened? Drunk: do not know, I am also just arrived.
4. doctor asked the patient how the fracture. Patients, I think there are sand shoes, shoes on leaning poles shaking. TMD has a bastard through there, thought I was electrocuted, he took a stick they gave me two sticks!
5. Some say, turtles father, mother and son of a bitch turtle family decided to go hiking, they took a Shandong cake and two cans of chicken sea
end, they went off to Yangmingshan. Hard to climb ten years, finally arrived! They sat on the floor, remove the equipment standard
prepare dinner. Results, but found no band can opener!
son of a bitch: must wait for me back! can not go back on Oh!
turtle mother: a! Parents regardless of the turtle! Old couple decided to start.
pie is ready to open out to eat ... ...
Suddenly, son of a bitch Cong Shuhou stuck his head ... ...
son of a bitch: opener? I waited twenty-five years, I have to wait until the end
to be now! I hate most people lie to me!
6. small Xin: Dad, why my name inside it three gold ?
Dad: lack of gold in your life, so take the name of Xin, like some life in the water, it's called Miao, and some life in the lack of wood called Forest.
small Xin: Dad Dad, you said that Guo Jingjing sister lives in the lack of what?
7. a couple friends sitting on a park bench in love,Justbeats By Dr Dre, women suddenly want to fart.
of the man said: I Bird Valley Division call, you listen to like like.
men really than hear.
Thus, women in the Valley birds do not?
M: fart too loud, not hear!
8. turtle injured Let snail to buy medicine. over two hours. snail has not come back. turtle anxious curse: fuck do not come back I was dead! when the door came a snail's voice: I say you are his mother not to go!
9. somebody raising a pig, tired, abandoned, then return pork to know , the number jumped to no avail. day, the car turned a lot of bending abandoned pig, late-night call his family, asked: body, the ants were all fell down. At this point there is one in the elephant's neck, falling ants called loudly, crashed. Then a student stood up and said: eat a good amount.
13. Xiao Ming: ; was lost asked: No, ah ... ... the sentence: : ;
I am writing this letter slow, because I know you see the word offensive!
our next week 2 times the rain, the first under the next four days the second time three days!
Huaguoshan you been? I had a great time in heaven well, because there is no gravity, so the stool, urine, tears and snot all out for it, do not you bitter?
our delicious beef noodles here , another day you come with us to the West Street restaurant to eat hot pot!
your sister to be born Goddess, because they do not know a boy or a woman, we do do not know what you want to be uncle or aunt!
I send you the clothes you received it? afraid when I go to send overweight, so the buttons cut up In clothes pockets!
is late to write here, I am free to play here, remember not to drink plenty of water, or to the urine does not come out here very uncomfortable!
P. S had wanted to send money to you, but the envelope has been glued!
17. a digestion poor patients to the doctor complaining: I recently very normal, what to eat what pull, pull to eat cucumber cucumber, watermelon eating watermelon pull, how to restore normal? doctors silent a moment, that you can only eat shit up.
18 . someone to go to Shanghai on business lost a dollar in the street, police said: ~~~~~~ quietly point to see me mix his foot cut into four sections to their own playing mahjong, and earthworms father thought, put his cut into the minced meat. earthworm mother cried and said: Cut so the pieces will die! . said to him: you come, you are right .. I am back on the table and then snail .. .. .. after a while they see a turtle on ants .. he said: Come on you .. so the ants also come up. Ants come later .. see above .. he said the word snail , a fire, the father and mother escaped, leaving only one son still inside. Mother is very nervous outside the house shouted: .. Come out - have a fire, but also stay inside .....~ half-day leaves no fish bait, he changed the pieces of bread - the same long time did not fish on the hook - no way - he had to replace it the same as earthworms or fish bait a long time not under the ~ ~ ~ He angrily threw into the water out 100rmb cursed: Buy their own! ! !
24. at the same table cold, runny nose, but he forgot to bring a handkerchief, and have continued to nose forced inhalation nose. Write on the blackboard> language teacher suddenly turned a lot of noises: Teacher and> said:
He replied: man; : Why do you print **? criminals, said: the real one I will not print
27. Cowherd and Weaver met a bath down to earth, shaking ZZZZZZZZZ interpretation of a love story, this tells us: there is no opportunity to take a bath at home , so be sure to go outside to take a bath to wash ..... 28. Xiaoming toilet back to the classroom with a teacher said: : can not but speak out ah? > 30. The female mosquito is: not a good thing, one by one all eat shit grow up
31. I spent 80,000 to buy a Western Zhou pottery, called yesterday to part identification, experts said gravely: What is the Western Zhou Dynasty? This is the last week!
32. son: ah, and then what. * decision, the bullet is You strangle me, too scary! it? nurses, injections of the fortune. telling the master said: You, the first half doomed, no women; not the man's face lit up: That I should have a right later in life? fortune teller said: hey, you have to get used to after a half a person's life
37 . someone to eat beef noodles do not see a piece of beef, they pointed to the bowl and asked the boss: how beef is not beef noodles? boss said dismissively: Do not be too serious, do you expect from the wife eat cake in a wife?
38. three mice were tasting the United States, Japan, China, wine, drink American wine mouse, go down three steps on; mice drinking Japanese sake, go to step 2 down; mice drinking Chinese Erguotou , holding a kitchen knife, shouted:
he died.
funeral that day.
his family cried: '
cool Ah ... Ah ... cool.'
passersby puzzled. asked: 'What are cool A. '
family cried:' Shuangsi ... ... Shuangsi!!
41. a man to jump, just shouted back to his wife: impulse, we still a long road! Chief carpool with elevator, the Secretary put a fart after chief said: You all can not afford to be magnanimous thing, should you use? Why are so dear to me okay! The very creative, ugly is not my intention, God do not get angry, I will brave live with my endless creativity. to set off the beauty of this world! In fact, I really, really very creative ... 45. to go hiking with friends, to the summit, a girl beautiful mountains and rivers face shouting: motherland ah! my mother! a crush on her boys quickly followed shouted: motherland ah! my wife's mother!
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50. Panda birthday, on We said: I promised two wishes, one can cure my black eye, the other is hope that a color photo
51. Kuangzhui bees butterflies, snails, butterflies married. bees puzzled: he Where better than me butterflies answer: whatever the outcome, have their own house, which, as you live in a dormitory
52. an elephant in the bath one day and suddenly there is an ant came to this elephant that you stand up. started to stand up. ant! you sit down and go. elephants do not understand Yeah you want to ask the ants. one will stand up and sit down for a while. ant replied! lost my underwear I see is not what you wear to steal
53. production team bought the only jackass, but a few days later he died. just a mare in heat. production team of staff on call to go on a business trip production team captain. , but the jackass is dead. is to buy the first jackass or so you come back? disgusting things
55. a meteor across the night sky, I quickly make a wish, hope you can become more beautiful. Who knows just finished Xu wish meteor I was not intentionally make things difficult for you?! !
56. give me a canteen of bread as a fulcrum, I can tilt the Earth! 60. sophomore year, all quarters of the girls like Zhou Hua Jian's songs, a tape was borrowed by us to go. Day, capped with the girls asked: Zhou Hua Jian I do? Girls bunk answer: in my bed too! Silent two seconds, and then all fell to the bed.
61. classmate of a boy to take a sheng nicknamed Pangzhu girls crying to the teacher, the teacher agreed to criticism of the boys, the next day in class, teachers in terms of: nicknames, can not someone like Han on Jiaosha it? Ordinary dogs look at it dismissively said: idiot, look, I was undercover! Canteen bread too hard ...>

betrayal of the highest level of the highest level


the highest level of the highest fire realm of the highest state of


jump the highest level of the highest state of play mahjong

roundhouse kick to steal the highest level

the highest level,,,

CS players the highest level ....
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apples highest level of the highest state of sleep

+ +
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highest level of hotel advertising
the highest level of smoking

the highest state of fried egg


the highest level of the highest state of stacked stone

Tree of Life
real Mercedes-Benz

examination of Comedy interesting
1, do chest, I had just one colleague on the X-ray machine, the doctor shouted Several other small call a doctor called: hey ~ , and I turn around! ! !

2, hearing test, using a headset, given the volume and frequency of different voices, you hear the test. I also hear how a colleague, the doctor (Note: Young female doctor) kept enlarge the volume, or hear. Female doctor then asked: Veterans. Once a military nursing touched my stomach - liver full three minutes, I was scared to face pale, fatty liver can not be! Chuckle, the female mask off his face heap Huan, watery eyes looked at me - I was young when the original is in a large number of MM. With a meal afterwards, she married, I was drunk ... ...

4, primary physical examination, another class of students check lung capacity, so the doctor wiped his mouth with alcohol cotton, mean machine mouth, the result that students wiped his mouth. The other is heard, the students late one short stop in the end, students in the first few are big, chest, the doctor mechanical work, up one, a lamp pull, read, and a pull light replaced a ... ... and so it was his turn, did not change the height of the machine, the doctor thought was a tall, turn off the lights to see the results of a big skeleton head! Scare the daylights out of her own! !

5, primary Once play penicillin fainting, down the street, and was sent to the emergency room has been vaguely conscious, when the woman doctor with your fingers pinch my ear, pain. I thought it was kind of like pinch rescue approach, we silently endure. Result that the doctor said:

6, high school graduation examination, notify each student teacher prior matchbox installed the next day with their bianbian to the hospital, there is a male teacher informed the students because when he is not, the next day to go empty-handed hospital. To the intestinal section, the doctor gave the students a cotton swab and let him go to the toilet ... ... over the last ten minutes, the students who will not come out from the toilet, the doctor went to the toilet door asked: boys who listen to there in a very painful voice answered: Chuojin family to stay! by! things - everyone see the chest there are two wires you have, okay?

8, junior high school examination when there is a check color-blind, take a book, each page are some small pieces of different colors makes up the pattern, I do not know is not the same. Some digital, some simple painting
. We go on one by one, reported to the doctor they saw something, usually no big problem, after all, from primary school to check what the body. The results are usually a student to learn the kind of super-hard, took up her glasses, said the book had something that we all fall, then
To test urine, to each person issued a plastic cup, called out to the toilet a bit more, we all went to the gang, there is a brother of urine over, go away, at the half, swore: received a . . That guy in our class up
female doctor and so I said what you hear on the repeat times. . Gave him two ear (hearing test when used)
then called the guy standing a few meters away places. . The doctor said: . > our line up of all laughs a few minutes

11, when the entrance physical examination hearing

test the doctor said: p>

Serviciile oferite de noi se pot personaliza in functie de cerinta fiecarui membru, incepand cu cele oferite de echipa noastra,pana la cele ale colaboratorilor nostri.camin de batrani

I absolutely love your blog! I found this post to be very entertaining.

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General (reproduced) own good collection keep it after all the flaws with
face and signs of aging, are the kidneys can be tough to erase, the world's only have the ability to reverse time, Youth Wing in the most powerful organ is the kidney.

Youth Wing of the most powerful weapon in the kidney is
female baby, especially pregnancy preparing to produce, when just 40 weeks, the kidneys just to worn out. If you do not pay attention to it, will aging much faster dr dre pro, simply by Jin Yong's novels were Xixingdafa sucked infuriating as rapidly grow old, think of all terrible.
In fact, the kidney is very strong, you know? The face of all defects and signs of aging, are the kidneys can be tough to erase, the world's only have the ability to reverse time, forever young in the most powerful organ is the kidney.
kidney is fundamental to our lives, simply beautiful, as long as the maintenance of good kidneys, just like with robust roots and main branches, the leaves lush immune want not . Here we want to maintain more than just the kidney, including our reproductive system, bone, bone marrow, brain, immune system, endocrine and nervous system. So, you can see, the kidney is too important strong.

kidneys, the kidney is vulnerable to aging
innate, physical endowments if parents are not very good, would certainly be passed on to the next generation, So if you decide to have children, to put its own and her husband's body to restore a good talk. Before we talked about the day after tomorrow, is by far the most important spleen. Kidney hidden inside the main thing is the That is, a kidney can be converted into energy, if this element fine enough, then you will not only physically strong, well developed and grown very symmetrical, and sexual function is also strong.
kidney in the bottom of our visceral, if sufficient kidney essence, the kidneys are able to heat and energy nourishment to keep warm above the spleen, liver, so internal organs are able to have a good living environment, good to grow, absorb nutrients, so we can beautiful. But if the bottom of kidney weakness, then the body organs becomes the crumbling leaves, struggling not to fall is the existence of all meaning, is simply unable to talk about what is alive and well.
kidneys is to keep a good strong bones, bone marrow Chong Sheng, fast response and smart mind, good hearing, and black hair; If the kidney, then this will feel to mental decline, tinnitus, early white hair loss. Afraid of it? There are even more frightening - the kidney energy is not enough if it will lead to sagging breasts, large pores, loose skin, hair loss, the face will be deformed, black eye would not have said, must be very serious! Reaction will slow up a word, kidneys, it will advance aging!

from seven kinds of dangerous conditions in a few

kind of situation may lead to early kidney weakness.
First, congenital. This is really no recourse but to accept their fate, and then try to make up.
second, lasting force. Whether it is physical or mental, spiritual or physical, emotional over-all damage the kidneys, and even happy to no good. That is, everything has to be moderate.
Third, a large number of drinking coffee, spirits, fierce smoking, eat meat and fish. Eating salty blood is injury, kidney injury, eating too much greasy inhibit the kidney, and binge alcohol is yin depletion. Really can not drink coffee, as with smoking is addictive, and pigmentation was very powerful, long face, black spot that is yes, but color is basically not be saved, who can not recover back, one day, You will feel you just can not think about leaving coffee, coffee, allowing the body to produce drug dependence is no different. So, I never touch coffee, all can affect the mental state of food are best to not touch, such as wine, tea, chocolate, sleeping pills.
Fourth, repeated colds. If winter wear less, and that is directly destroy their own body.
fifth, sick time is too long.
sixth, clubbing every night, jumping, and to CLUB all night.
Seventh, eat people pay attention to myself health medicine, health care products which are heavy metals and hazardous substances exceeded its easy to damage the kidneys.

· how to fill up your renal
If internal organs healthy filling, the kidneys also can be nourished; lack of power if internal organs, the kidneys would use his inventory, and no additional sources. Now look at yourself, are in a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle?

organs essence
people ask me, she always wanted them to urinate at night, sometimes more when the number of rare , is how is it?
I told her, the management of renal urine, especially in urine by the kidney is to control, if the body of excessive cold, cold can damage the kidney, renal gas weakness, control weakness, frequent urination at night will be the situation.
kidney primary water, receiving and possession of the essence of internal organs, it is the essence of saving organs can also be transformed into the energy required, which is a virtuous circle and vicious cycle of the process, if the internal organs healthy filling, the kidneys can also be nourished; lack of power if the internal organs, the kidneys would use his inventory, and no additional sources. Now look at yourself, are in a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle?
The essence here is that maintaining a healthy body needs energy, gives birth to provide the essence, but also to maintain life activities. Kidney yin and yang of this essence is divided into two types, also known as Yuan Yuan Yin and yang, they are built through interdependence and mutual restraint, to maintain the body's yin and yang balance, once the balance is upset, there will be wang , yang or yin and yang of the kidney virtual state is not obvious.
If kidney qi deficiency, can be immediately reflected in the face - pale, dark circles, dark color around the lips, face haggard emit signs of hair will follow the loss of vitality, there will be weak waist, tinnitus and other symptoms. If you feel that they have kidney qi, we must be careful not to over-hard efforts. Sex is by the kidney in the maintenance, excessive kidney damage will often be able to eat solid black sesame and walnut kidney, add essence.

Gorgon, fungus, mulberry, litchi, kelp, seaweed, black-bone chicken, mushrooms, fermented foods are black kidney essence. If you want to take medicine, you drink tea with the mixed drink, but also the effect of solid kidney.
Here I'll give you a kidney qi super effective food - with Gorgon, lotus seeds and glutinous rice porridge twice daily and drink a bowl, adhere to 7 days, the kidney weakness resulting from premature aging face most of the problems will all change soon. Note that this is rice, not rice, both rice are rich in vitamin B family, can prevent beriberi, stomatitis, the difference is more than rice and warm rice, glutinous rice has a strong astringent effect, for frequent urination and sweating too many are very helpful.
massage Ren below the navel, including air sea, Guan Yuan, vaginal, Shimen and other points, are able to warm the kidneys, tonic element, conditioning Chong and Ren, Chong can either have the ability to reconcile the baby reproductive health, in addition to massage this meridian also exclude the cold, the role of menstruation. Foot massage kidney, bladder reflex is also very effective.

· increase breathing depth, speed up the beauty of speed
breathing have to do a day per person homework, while women are there problems breathing shallow, shallow breathing is a direct impact on our face, it is reported that, shallow breathing makes you more in the unconsciously flat side faces, face increasing , getting ugly Oh!

breathing, will become a beautiful woman
home or at work if fatigue, when the mood to relax or when symptoms , will be middle of the night coughing. Fatigue, illness, or after the course stretches have been relatively weak physical damage to the kidney, the kidneys lose the ability to incorporate and gas out of control, up retrograde, resulting in nocturnal asthma or cough, lung because of excessive expansion and inflation, loss of flexibility, alveolar pressure increases, leading to breathing difficulties.
breathing are per person per day to do homework, while women are shallow breathing problems are present. As everyone knows, shallow breathing and a direct impact on our face, it is reported that, shallow breathing makes you more in the unconsciously flat side faces, face more and more, gradually ugly Oh!
In short, all the body will not normally be seen on the face, so I want to change the face compact, variable three-dimensional woman, must be noted that their breathing problems.

breathing more heavy, aging farther
lung breathing, kidney qi, Chinese medicine, not just lung breathing management, Inhale through the kidneys, breath through the lungs, lung and kidney with good breathing to normal levels and, if the kidney weakness, the breathing difficulties, ho to suck less, moving the gas consumption, lung and kidney of the gas easier to weakness, gas shortage is not the unifying body fluid and always will be sweating. So simple practice of abdominal breathing YOGA have to supplement with the kidney, it can make you breathe heavier and heavier, more and more.
kidney deficiency, though not much, but if not careful, it will climb up the face of early aging factors. Kidney can be absorbed by the body and preserved the essence of all, if kidney weakness, the ultimate essence of the body will move in the direction is not conducive to their loss.

supplement the kidney, the conditioning methods to improve breathing
have a recipe to add to the kidney, increase the depth of our breathing, walnuts, Ginkgo biloba, almonds and peanuts, after playing powder tea drink, you can add black tea, brown sugar, after drinking breathing when we will not feel chest pressure, and does not deliberately go to take a deep breath, and breathing improved, the face will be even larger have changed.

· body has really positive, with your degree winter
kidney yang is our body of the sun, to warm us every corner of the body, so we feel warm, yang deficiency will be cold, no energy symptoms. Most likely to directly damage the kidneys cold yang, no matter what kind of constitution, can not because they do not stand the cold, without attention to warm cold.

season meet, I exposed a big problem before
always the electric blanket in the winter, heating, heavy down jacket , gloves and hats. Sean's father said a word, so I think a long time. He said that if a person can be very comfortable throughout the year, there is no discomfort, the body be considered healthy, or not suited to all season shows physical problems. Then think about it, really makes sense. For example, people with weakened liver, spring will be no loss of appetite; heart weak people, the summer will be irritability; Deficient people, the fall will be cold; kidney, guilty people will be very tough winter.

winter is best not to wear a skirt
kidney yang is our body of the sun, to warm every corner of our body, Let us feel warm, yang deficiency will be cold, no energy symptoms. Most likely to directly damage the kidneys cold yang, no matter what kind of constitution, can not because they do not stand the cold, without attention to warm cold. As Sean is very cold in winter, when the hands and feet are warm, so he showed a very slight physical hyperactivity. He has never been much winter clothes, so the recent discovery of a heavy cold body, and long-lasting cold not rule out, it will gradually suppress yang, which is why some very strong young man, in his later years, when the body but also who has been sick as YY.
his body with my father like this, are young, strong yang, cold down eventually. Scraping back often to do with the ginger tea and drink, can solve these problems.
Similarly, for women, winter is best not to wear skirts, trousers than a skirt is not necessarily ugly. I have several colleagues in particular, weight loss, and less could not be less winter wear, winter down, although the total say you cold, but the hurt in his wanton, and more difficult to restore the body.
can use parsley, ginger and lamb soup, a bowl every morning and evening drink, meat soup, over the winter will certainly be a great pick. Including chives, garlic, onions, have a good upgrade yang effect. Leek seeds can also be used to drink tea. Cold by itself, people can not eat green beans, bitter gourd, spirits, chilled products such as cold food. In the summer, especially ice cream to eat less, drink something hot to drink is the drink cold.

Please eat a bowl: Try effectiveness

, each day to drink a bowl, and now has a continuous drink more than three weeks, before there is actually no better place to recurrence of white hair, and now one has not, ah, I was really happy. Not only the white hair was gone, and the skin becomes white and smooth a lot, color better than the original! Good things to share, so I told this recipe better friends, but most people just hear the black skin and white hair can be changed for the better when you are interested in, but quickly shook his head and then one is, that every day are tired from work, and how could it have energy to porridge, huh, huh. In fact, boil the porridge is very simple, ah, care of their body even more time and energy to what is wrong about this, so I wrote this recipe right here, I hope to give a friend destined to benefit. You happy, I will happy, huh, huh.

black beans (1 small)

black rice (2)

black sesame seeds ( 1 small)

Lily (10)

barley (3)

Walnut (2)


; rice (2)

brown sugar

other walnut can also be replaced by peanut. These are two people


I put these up every day at noon is a good soak in a bowl, when he started washing dishes at night porridge, about 10 minutes the water becomes thick when you can, turn off the heat, cover and bored. The next morning add a little water, put brown sugar, hot two minutes ok!

In addition, I have observed, the porridge to drink more than three weeks after this, my nails from the two small crescent ( thumb) become seven, and was so happy! Porridge after another child, his face begins to glow this winter, the (former is white), the body becomes strong a lot.


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