Requiem for a Losing Playof Team

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You know I had a bad feeling about the Twins chances during game 1 last Wednesday night when Span got that leadoff hit and Hudson immediately bunted him over to 2nd. Why were we giving up an out in the first inning of the first game? If we wanted to stay out of the GIDP why not have Span steal off a noodled-arm Posada? I was worried right then and there that the Twins did not have the right kind of attitude to win a series against the Yankees.

It's a pisser because they obviously brought the moxie when they faced the White Sox in mid-September. By all accounts the Whities needed a sweep and the Twins, who could have easily survived by winning one game, went out and took down the Sox all three games. Maybe it's the difference between the White Sox and Yankees. Maybe they turned the switch off and couldn't turn it back on. I don't know. Oh and also, the loss of Justin Morneau finally caught up with the Twins.

IT was a fun season, especially putting the pedal to the metal during August and September. But the playoffs were a major buzz kill. This team will look a lot different next year, hopefully with a couple of players with a little grit and fire in the belly.

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You know that in our university's not like you so colorful. In addition to chasing girls, we were there no what else to do. (Audience laughs) you are smarter than we were miserable, silly us, the teacher let us learn that we learn Han Han, also with or without use; and you now know it does not work, but also to learn, so more depressed. (Supported by applause) Of course, in addition to the disciplines of Dalian University of Technology except as Lu Xiaozhang in this. (Laughs) You learn something almost no use. (More laughs from the audience once again) on the University's extraordinary I can not trivial, and then nothing, to grow into me, and basically do not consider bumban battlefield, not my place, I development of other classes of the battlefield, I took a fancy to a girl, heard or Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, according to one of 50 school beauty does. (Laughs) You can not look down upon, one of 50 school beauty can be a no, then we can have 156 BUPT girls do. (Audience laughed) You said I was a vulnerable, what can I do, I can not do anything, and finally came up with a trick I can do: write. The first letter I wrote 1 meter tall and weighing 132 pounds 82 homes in Changzhou, Jiangsu, parents are doing, at home a few brothers. This is simply a resume cheap montblanc pen, no way, I do not have that time only these, give her cast resume. She did not for me. I began to write the second letter, in order to show their talent, I will introduce a bit of domestic and international economic situation, (audience laughs) how my future will be how to do. . . Or did not reply. I wrote a third letter, that I know you do not like me, I do not ask you what to do, I only ask you let me silently like you just fine. (Audience laughs) You know when girls (Pure tone is heavy, the audience laughs) three letters touched her on her Huixin Ji me. I watch movies about her, see what movies I do not remember. After our walk, I said to her, or you marry me. (Audience surprise) she was surprised that Jun Tang you serious? I said, she said well I married you. (More surprising) so, first date, she married me, and then we traveled together for more than 20 subsequent spring. (Warm applause)

for study places

school I was in Beijing Posts and Telecommunications, took two years to test students, the first test of the school, Each time there are two places you can focus on institutions recommended for admission to the United States, but I did not on the insured. You know I was vulnerable, not right, but I am not willing to, then ask around, find out the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (Communication University of China) and an empty places, I went to North Canton to find a teacher that they want to the student status to North Canton from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to. The teacher said, why did you go to North Canton, and I said to cause the spread of China, China's broadcasting industry is too far behind, I would like to contribute their own strength. The teacher said China's telecommunications industry even more backward than the broadcasting industry, how can you not do to promote the development of telecommunications. I said I love broadcasting, and to sacrifice for it, when the teacher Well the teacher said. Transfer through the complex procedures to the North Canton, the teacher said I want to study abroad, teacher suspected that you are not to go abroad only to the North Canton? I said I did not come up with advanced technology Guoxue people come back armed China's broadcasting industry. You know, when the teacher But he said the report has been submitted to State Department of Education places, and time has been delayed. I went to State Secretary, Ministry of Education to study abroad, he said to have approval over, now it was too late. I was disappointed then, but I do not want to give up, do not want the previous effort so vain. You know we college students are vulnerable and what can not change, we have nothing, but plenty of time, so I wanted a way I can think of, is very simple stupid way: I began to state Department of Education , work location is outside the Education Bureau, (audience laughter) Director to work in the morning when I meet her and say, good director, come to work? Secretary to the opposite cafeteria at noon to go out to eat, I say eat the Secretary friends, eat-point ha; Director eat came back, I said, the Secretary finished, still a little time, you can nap for a while; at work when I say that the Secretary got off work. In this way one or two days, very strange when Education Secretary more than a security door, but only to greet him. You know, people that, afraid of being hated, was fierce, the fear of being locked in, the Secretary has begun awkward. I would not care, I still have four months before graduation, this time I just had no place to go, you can every day to the Department of Education to . The fifth day, when the Secretary barely, and at noon I still say, Secretary eat you, there can be nap time to look. The Secretary said that I do not nap, you look me up. Into the Office of the Director, the Secretary to ask you why, I will explain why. Director did not say anything, I still past the sixth day The seventh day, the Director gave me a piece of paper, saying that this is something you've always wanted, the paper is to study abroad approval certificate. (The audience burst into applause) We know that people need perseverance, you will come up to them to see the spirit of dedication, the world is not what I was afraid of something. (Warm applause)

selected the top ten handsome CEO

some time ago to participate in programs with Lu Yu, Lu Yu said Dr. Tang Jun you have so many titles I The call you do not know what you think your most important and most valuable is which. I said that I value the most and some of the best gold that you described when I did not say it. Lu Yu is very strange, is what? While ago I was the fashion magazine as the top ten handsome CEO. This is my opinion, one of the most gold (audience laughed). I had been named the top ten economic figures, the top ten CEO, as long as the economic aspect of the top ten, I have been assessed, is that fashion in the first time. I do not like the appearance of this guy who can be named, I can not be excited Well, this is a milestone in my life, I have to thank my mom and dad. (Audience laughs)

Microsoft's competitive differentiation in

after I joined Microsoft in fifteen thousand people is the last first, the technology is the worst, if I in technology to compete with them, over twenty years, New Year's Eve, but I was ordinary people, at most, is a senior engineer. I think I should avoid direct competition with them, take the difference in competitive routes. In the five months and found that the error on the development model, developed after the English version, Chinese version required over eight months before developed, over five months before the Japanese version was developed. A lot of people are aware of this issue, there are a lot of people put forward many solutions to the manager in writing, nearly eighty copies, but you think that you as a manager, you will see so many options? Therefore, the program had little effect in writing to pay, I thought if I solved the problem of finding a method to find the technical support, so it is very effects. Then I started to play my hard factors, the use of evening and weekend time to analyze the three versions have in common and differences, to find a model can be used in three different versions of this model for development, and found the technical support, and then write a written report, not only raised this issue also solved the problem, I will compile the programs on this inside. Manager to open the meeting unanimously approved the program, decided to use this individual company 3500 R & D mode, so you need to set up a department in the company's promotion of this model, I call it Down's R & D model, of course, as I am a candidate , no competition, just eight months after I joined Microsoft just became a department manager. (Applause from ...) This is what I talk about competitive differentiation.

use different business models

I first opened a Los Angeles immigration law firm, I was born, Dr. computer, the law that do not understand, just the legal book there is one meter so high. I noticed another family firms are charging by the hour, and sometimes the way immigrants use to call an hour are asked not understand, but they take the money go, and feel like a bottomless pit immigration consultant, I do not know how much money to spend in order to accomplishing. I and other family firms on the use of different business models: I charge by the case, such as work visa transfer cards received $ 1,000, $ 600 green card visa transfer, etc., as well as the most important one: win, no fee, successful re- fees and charges. This one shot in Los Angeles, my first immigration law firm in Los Angeles in the opening five months after the first row. (Applause from ...) I tell you the next two years I am ready to do one thing, I never came into the field, the film industry, (the audience a surprise), Do not be surprised, Who do my hobbies. (Audience laughter) China good movie so much, I certainly do not succeed the movie, but I would like to use a sort of their different business models, and now a great propaganda film, but many viewers will be disappointed after reading it, a lot of people buy their own dish to see, no longer go to the movies. I will not ask big name stars, hit a lot of money into it, I will use it and I just said the same law firm in Los Angeles to open business model, money is satisfied, not satisfied to obtain a refund. Of course, I have satisfied the criteria, I will laugh at each film screening room, security counters, more than 70% if we all laughed, then he will remember one, and then write two. I want to shoot comedy, inspirational type of foreign comedy, I hope to achieve the effect of the film the audience laugh twenty times, twenty times if the audience did not laugh, then the audience to obtain a refund, we will unconditionally accept. (A good way, really different) Of course, we have to take a good look at film, there is a very high standard.

gossip story

I tell you the story of a special gossip. I tell the story of two people to listen. One is Bill Gates, he was very confident; the other is Premier Zhu, he did not believe. Therefore, the presence of people do not worry, if you believe, maybe you're the next Bill Gates, do you not believe, you may be the next Premier Zhu. (Audience laughs) I say this gossip story, If you believe that is the future of macro-economists. In 1985, when Japan's economy in all sudden gains across the board index, the economic situation is excellent, according to economists at that time according to this situation is expected to continue, by 2012 Japan will surpass the U.S. in all aspects, as the world superpower. Many economists find the reason for the rapid development, it is very difficult to understand, you know why? (Audience a doubt) because at that time a young man to Japan. (Oh ... ... the audience suddenly realized that many people laughed, but some people do not understand) a few months later in 1990, the Japanese economic malaise, suddenly five years of stagnant growth, and when the U.S. economy from a sluggish rapid growth began to get out, Douglas index rose 28.3% one day, the world's economists can not explain this reason, I feel very strange, you also know why? Only I know that, when a young man to leave Japan to the United States. I do not say you know is that man, right. (We suddenly realized) I tell this story after Gates, Microsoft asked him a turning point from when the fast-growing, 94 years, Gates said a few months, he said Microsoft is not your time to it. I said, you guessed it, Bill Gates stunned staring at me and then ... ... then I tell the story of this gossip, Premier Zhu and asked him: When China started its rapid economic development, the second half of 1997, the Prime Minister said it, he said you will then return to the country, and I told the Prime Minister is the second half of 1997 back country. Prime Minister said hastily: This does not matter with you, is this a good session of the central government leadership. Prime Minister Prime Minister really is, what will be to rely on the government. (Audience laughs)

97 years when I was leaving Microsoft, wrote a long letter to Gates, as far as I heard it is sensational, (laughter) I also gave each of the company employees have made a copy machine because I was born, it will COPY a lot of copies. (Laughs) a lot of people crying, so I remember the letter a: few years at Microsoft, I can not say I was Microsoft's most hard-working staff, but I dare say there are no Microsoft employees more diligent than I . (The audience an admiration and laughter)) two a meaning Siha. Gates soon call me: Chun (special affection), you must go? I said: Bill, I must go. back to participate in the construction of the motherland. and they will not be there, you know why? because I had given Gates told a gossip story ... gave me a lifelong honorary president, Bill Gates could stay in my lifetime a Microsoft (the audience laughed Stuttgart applause) I do not dare to which we all know, in fact, give me nothing macroeconomic relationships, but I am afraid to leave China, what matter if the point that I can be is a sinner. (audience laughs) I can responsibly tell you that the next 50 years I will not leave China! (audience applause)

advised Gates to change travel

2003 年I received a call from Secretary Gates, she said Gates in a few numbers to China in February, I was shocked, very surprised, you know, I was in China when Microsoft CEO, Deputy Prime Minister anyone can see that President Jiang faceless Gates to meet with Chinese President Jiang will and I am happy not Bill Gates to China, President Jiang is renowned for a can. (audience laughter), but forget about the big day it is the beginning of three , and President Jiang may have trouble, I told Secretary said no, the day Year 3 Gates can not come and you know the status of a kind is not high, but great power, (audience laughs) The secretary was very angry that you actually say no, you know Gates' visit is scheduled a year ago. (sound of the audience a surprise), I know, but that day to have trouble meeting will not be smooth. you talk about with Gates it. I called Gates and told him that day can not come to China, he was surprised, that you know my trip is arranged a year ago and you know Bill Gates a great temperament, is not, it should be said that he is very good. (audience applause) Bill Gates is more surprised you think about what Americans have heard the concept of 5000, Gates was surprised into what. (audience laughter) So Gates agreed to change the itinerary Later Gates to China, I went to the Capital International Airport, Gates renowned for my first words, hello bold, which I joined Microsoft 36 years to change the itinerary for the first time I say you are not lost to me , you are lost 5,000 years of Chinese culture that you read this, immediately raise the boss's position, and 5,000 years put a hook. (laughter applause from)


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