Friday Random Top 10


College visits for number 1 daughter almost complete. Now all I need is to win the lottery. Here's a random top 10 to start off the weekend.

1. Psycho -- The Sonics
2. Endgame -- R.E.M.
3. The Prettiest Thing on Saltcoast Beach -- Glasvegas
4. False Skorpion -- Pavement
5. Season of the Shark -- Yo La Tengo
6. I'm Sticking With You -- Velvet Undgerground
7. Hank's Little Fingers -- Guided By Voices
8. Walk This Way -- Run DMC and Aerosmith
9. Lies -- The Rolling Stones
10. Second Hand Love -- Bellwether

Bonus: Mardy Bum -- Arctic Monkeys

What's your top 10?


1) Ten Little Kids - The Jayhawks/Tomorrow the Green Grass
2) She Once Lived Here (With Ricky Skaggs) - George Jones/Burn Your Playhouse Down
3) The Back Seat of My Car - Paul McCartney/Ram
4) Trying to Get to You - Elvis Presley/Elvis Presley
5) Backlash Blues - Nina Simone/To Be Free
6) What We All Want - Gang of Four/Entertainment
7) When Big Joan Sets Up - Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band/Trout Mask Replica
8) How I Got Over - Aretha Franklin/Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings
9) Wake Up Everybody - John Legend & The Roots Feat. Common & Melanie Fiona/Wake Up!
10) Beautiful Girl - Robyn Hitchcock/Uncorrected Personality Traits

So which direction is your daughter leaning?

SO glad my daughter entered college when she did a couple years ago; by the time the economy was tanking, she was close enough to graduating that her 529 was in conservative stuff by that point and didn't take much of a hit.

She's looking at art schools in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Maybe Chicago

Having some issues reading Friday Random Top 10 - Lost Forest After Dark, there are question marks instead of spaces... It may be my browser. I will try another one and check back. I enjoyed it so far but those question marks are ANNOYING. Thank you!


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