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December 17, 2010

Friday Random Top 10

It's Christmas party season! We have three tonight. Thankfully two of them are really close to our house. Tomorrow should be quite however. I may have to actually do some Christmas shopping!! Here's a random top 10:

1. Otto -- The Replacements
2. Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette -- Jim Page
3. Just Like Honey -- The Jesus and Mary Chain
4. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows -- Guided By Voices
5. I Fought the Law -- The Dead Kennedy's
6. The New Pollution -- Beck
7. I'm Not Talking -- Hypstrz
8. Still Aging -- Soundtrack of our Lives
9. Church Pillow -- Guided By Voies
10. Me in Honey -- R.E.M.

Bonus: Your Mouth -- Trip Shakespeare

Meh. Not the greatest list. Oh well. What's your top 10?

December 15, 2010

Vikings to Invade Stadium Village!!!

TCF snow.jpg
Photo: Simon Guerra

So the Metrodome implodes under 2 feet of snow and frozen ice so a sad-sack Vikings team that is playing out the string has to play its last game at the Gophers home field, which itself is buried under 2 feet of snow and drifts up to 4 feet high. What could go wrong. Oh. It's one Monday night when then the temp at game time (8:00p) is slated to be around zero and only going down by time the game winds up at 11:00p.

So right now a crew is shoveling out the TCF Bank stadium and food service workers are de-winterizing the bathrooms and concessions

What is interesting is that the University plans for months for the football season. Traffic and security is in place, season ticket holders have designated and pre-paid parking, staff is instructed to stay away, games are on a low-traffic Saturday. Now Vikings and University officials have 5 days to plan, the snow has significantly reduced transportation and parking around the area, the Vikings have sold 14,000 more tickets than TCF holds, the Metrodome has 70 sold out suites, TCF has 35. Oh and the place doesn't serve booze. At least the semester will have ended and less students and faculty will be around.

So it's going to be a logistical nightmare. But it should be fun too. It will be interesting to see how hardy Minnesotans are with nearly 30 years of indoor football under their belt and the weather promising to be unforgiving. Also that the game is on Monday Night football means a national spotlight as well. In some respects it's the only thing that will bring interest to a team that is going nowhere. The Vikings should embrace the opportunity and make it an experience no one forgets.

December 10, 2010

Friday Random Top 10

Yikes! Big storm coming. Can't wait to try out my new snowshoes! Let's get ready with a random top 10....

1. Drain You -- Nirvana
2. Welcome to the Jungle -- Guns n' Roses
3. Wreck of the Old '97 -- Johnny Cash
4. Frances Farmer will get Her Revenge -- Nirvana
5. Rise Above -- Black Flag
6. Broken Arrow -- Neil Young
7. Far, Far Away -- Wilco
8. Give Me Another Chance -- Big Star
9. Come to the River -- The Jayhawks
10. Reception -- Trip Shakespeare

Bonus: New York Town -- Woody Guthrie

This list is like Donnie and Marie Osmond, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. What's your top 10?

December 6, 2010

Unsolicited Advice for Jerry Kill


O.k. I am on record as being underwhelmed with the selection of Northern Illinois coach Jerry Kill as the new football coach for the Golden Gophers. It's partially based on expectations. With the Mike Leach's and the Randy Shannon's of the college football world on record as being interested in the job, I (along with thousands of others) were hoping for a bigger name, someone who would instantly bring excitement to the team. A guy who would make you pick up the phone and call the Bierman building and get a couple of season tickets to next's years season at TCF. Jerry Kill just isn't that guy.

However Kill does bring some positives to the program besides a killer name (sorry). He's won everywhere he's coached and promises to bring a hard-nosed run and defense-focused effort to the Gophers. That's something they desperately need and an approach that Iowa and Wisconsin have proved can be quite competitive in the Big Ten. And it should be just as desirable to come to Minneapolis as it is for an 18 year old to come to Iowa City and Madison.

The biggest hit against Jerry Kill is that people (including me) are concerned whether or not he can recruit the skill players needed to compete in the Big Ten. Jerry Kill would do himself a lot of favors by again looking at what Iowa and Wisconsin does to get players to those programs. I for one know that Iowa fills a lot of its roster with Iowa kids. They may not be starters and the definitely don't have a future in the NFL but they are serviceable back-ups and great practice kids. Plus they bring a lot of in-state pride to the program as the "local kid is a Hawkeye" buys a lot of love. This attitude also helps sell the program to the High School coaches so that when they have a blue-chipper, the relationship is established and Iowa can then go in and make the sell to the kid, his parents, the coach and the community. Given the fact that the state's lesser division football teams have had a lot of success lately, there is talent to fill out a Big Ten football roster in Minnesota.

So Jerry Kill is what he is. A good coach but not a barn burner. After the all talk and no show Brewster years, it might be a relief. However, a couple of 7-5 seasons and Insight Bowl appearances are not what's going to excite this town. If I were Jerry Kill, I would hire the best recruiters I can, target a few good markets like Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit and then try to get who you can from Florida and Texas and then fill the rest of the roster with Minnesota kids. Then coach the hell out of them. You do that, win some big games and just once or twice vie for a Rose Bowl bid, then we will be eating out of your hands for years to come.

December 3, 2010

Friday Random Top 10

Best sign at last nights Heat-Cavs game? "We should have drafted Darko!" Good stuff. Now a Random Top 10:

1. Off the Hook -- The Pscychedelicates
2. Chloroform -- Jack Logan
3. Unforgettable -- Nat King Cole
4. That's Really Super, Supermangirl -- XTC
5. Side of the Road -- Beck
6. Office of the Hearts -- Guided By Voices
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday -- U2
8. Enthusiasm for Life -- The Flaming Lips
9. Concrete Jungle -- The Specials
10. Have You Ever Been Loved -- Patsy Cline

Bonus: Reason to Believe -- Bruce Springsteen

Kind of a freaky list. What's your top 10?