Friday Random Top 10


Best sign at last nights Heat-Cavs game? "We should have drafted Darko!" Good stuff. Now a Random Top 10:

1. Off the Hook -- The Pscychedelicates
2. Chloroform -- Jack Logan
3. Unforgettable -- Nat King Cole
4. That's Really Super, Supermangirl -- XTC
5. Side of the Road -- Beck
6. Office of the Hearts -- Guided By Voices
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday -- U2
8. Enthusiasm for Life -- The Flaming Lips
9. Concrete Jungle -- The Specials
10. Have You Ever Been Loved -- Patsy Cline

Bonus: Reason to Believe -- Bruce Springsteen

Kind of a freaky list. What's your top 10?


1) I Was Young When I Left Home - Antony With Bryce Dessner/Dark Was the Night
2) Brother, Can You Spare a Dime - Bing Crosby/Freedom:Songs From the Heart of America
3) Death Room Blues #2 - Blind Willie McTell/Definitive...
4) If You See Her Say Hello - Bob Dylan/Blood on the Tracks: The NY Sessions
5) Nancy Spain - Christy Moore/Collection '81 - '91
6) Jes' Grew - David Murray & Taj Mahal/Conjure: Songs From the Texts of Ishmal Reed
7) From a Window - Graham Parker/Lost Songs of Lennon & McCartney
8) Fortune Teller - Sugar/Copper Blue
9) Women Are Smarter - Grateful Dead/10-18-89 PhiliSpectrum
10) Head Held High - Velvet Underground/Live at End Cole Av.

bonus: Standing in the Need of Prayer - Stanley Brothers/Goodbye, Babylon

Ok, I'm going to be that guy.

The song title is "That's Really Super, Supergirl" Call it my OCD or my anal retentiveness, but I just couldn't let what was most likely a simple typo go.

I'm sorry. I feel shame.

Dr. Dim, I actually appreciate the correction.

The Pscychedelicates...nice!


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