Friday Random Top 10


Yikes! Big storm coming. Can't wait to try out my new snowshoes! Let's get ready with a random top 10....

1. Drain You -- Nirvana
2. Welcome to the Jungle -- Guns n' Roses
3. Wreck of the Old '97 -- Johnny Cash
4. Frances Farmer will get Her Revenge -- Nirvana
5. Rise Above -- Black Flag
6. Broken Arrow -- Neil Young
7. Far, Far Away -- Wilco
8. Give Me Another Chance -- Big Star
9. Come to the River -- The Jayhawks
10. Reception -- Trip Shakespeare

Bonus: New York Town -- Woody Guthrie

This list is like Donnie and Marie Osmond, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. What's your top 10?


1) You've Got the Papers (I've Got the Man) - Ann Peebles/Kings of Funk, by RZA
2) Most of the Time - Bob Dylan/Oh Mercy
3) My Adobe Hacienda - Louise Massey & The Westerners/Don't Fence Me In: Western Music's Early Golden Era
4) Don't Slander Me - LouAnn Barton/Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson
5) Mary Lou - Ronnie Hawkins/The Best of Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks
6) Miss Amanda Jones - The Rolling Stones/Between the Buttons
7) Monkey Suit - Elton John & Leon Russell/The Union
8) God Bless Us All - N*E*R*D/Nothing
9) It's All Too Much - Wayne Kramer/Songs From The Material World - A Tribute To George Harrison
10) Old Western Movies - William Burroughs & Tomandandy/Kicks Joy Darkness: A Tribute To Jack Kerouac

bonus: Miss Judy's Farm - The Faces/In Concert 1973

Thank for posting this. I found it pretty helpful. I will be checking back soon for updates.


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