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Friday Random Top 10

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In my continuing bid to attack this nasty winter that seems to have a death grip on our landscape and soul, I am going snow mountain biking this weekend. Never done it before and I really don't have the right gear, but what the heck. Here's a Random Top 10 to get me going:

1. I am Trying to Break Your Heart -- Wilco
2. Flower -- Liz Phair
3. What You Do To Me -- Teenage Fanclub
4. I Will Dare -- The Replacements
5. Making Waves -- Golden Smog
6. All Together Now -- The Beatles
7. One Tree Hill -- U2
8. Swingers -- The Wedding Present
9. Can't Hardly Wait -- The Replacements
10. Complex -- Gary Numan

Bonus: Lake of Fire -- Meat Puppets

Wow, talk about your "greatest hits of alternative music." (plus a lesser Beatles Track). Maybe I should go into radio programming. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


Yep, it's cold out (-15), but we are already 1 month removed from the shortest day of the year. Look at it this way, we more than halfway done with Winter and this is usually the coldest week, so it only gets better from here on out. Let's celebrate with a random top 10!

1. Negative Creep -- Nirvana
2. A Message to you -- The Specials
3. Mardy Bum -- Arctic Monkeys
4. Highly Evolved -- The Vines
5. Father and Son -- Johnny Cash
6. My Melancholy Baby -- Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie
7. I'll Know Better Next Time -- Sandi Shore
8. Option R -- Wire
9. Motor Away -- Guided By Voices
10. Mind the Gap -- The Soundtrack of our Lives

Bonus: Watch the Sunrise -- Big Star

Wo1, started off pretty heavy then eased up a bit. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

We are now officially in the dead of winter. And it feels and looks like it outside. Too much snow, cold weather with no foreseeable break, driving to and from work in the dark. We definitely need a random top 10 to warm up by...

1. Radio -- Teenage Fanclub
2. Love in Mind -- Neil Young
3. Bandit Cole Younger -- Edward Crain
4. Thirteen -- Big Star
5. Blue Canadian Rockies -- The Byrds
6. New Gods -- Meat Puppets
7. Let's Go Away for Awhile -- Beach Boys
8. Making Waves -- Golden Smog
9. Please Read This Letter -- Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
10. Weedking -- Guided By Voices

Bonus: Someone Else's Song -- Wilco

Now that was a nice list, think I'll go snowshoeing this weekend. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

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So it's 2011 and I'm another year older. Who know maybe I'll start up the blog thing again. Whaddya think? Let's start it off with a random top 10:

1. Hare Krsna -- Husker Du
2. Into the Valley -- The Skids
3. When You Wake Up Feeling Old -- Wilco
4. Choking Tara (demo version) -- Guided By Voices
5. Age of Adz -- Sufjan Stevens
6. The Late Great -- A Ghost is Born (bonus tracks)
7. Pretty Bombs -- Guided By Voices
8. Wishing the Days Away -- Billy Bragg
9. Nobody Hurts You -- Graham Parker
10. Underwater Exlosion -- Guided By Voices

Bonus: On the Road -- Tom Waits

Wow! A GBV-Wilco full house! What's your top 10?

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