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Friday Random Top 10

Annual Timberwolves game tonight. Woohee!! I'm thinking I can get courtside tix for $20. Here's a random top 10:

1. Cut-out-Witch -- Guided By Voices
2. Sweet Talkin' Woman -- Electric Light Orchestra
3. Look At Them (live) -- Guided By Voices
4. Willie & Laura Mae Jones -- Dusty Springfield
5. Star -- Davide Bowie
6. Jingle -- Paul Westerberg
7. Dixie -- Bob Dylan
8. The Broad Majestic Shannon -- The Pogues
9. Girls -- Beastie Boys
10. Milkcow Blues Boogie -- Elvis Presley

Bonus: Crime in the City -- Neil Young

Interesting list there, nothing that stands out however. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

Going up the North Shore to do some snowshoeing along the Superior Hiking Trail, plus a candlelit hike at Gooseberry Falls. Should be fun!! Here's you Random Top 10:

1. Dust Bowl Refugee -- Woody Guthrie
2. Highway 29 -- Bruce Springsteen
3. Restless Farewell -- Bob Dylan
4. Meltdown -- Slobberbone
5. Trying to get to Heaven -- Bob Dylan
6. Crashin' & Burnin' -- Fred Eaglesmith
7. I Should Have Known Better -- Yo La Tengo
8. Think -- James Brown
9. Behind Bars -- The Jayhawks
10. A Free Land -- Husker Du

Bonus: Concrete & Barbed Wire -- Lucinda Williams

Except for a few exceptions, definitely a country feel this week. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


Gopher hoopsters without a true point guard and now are only NIT-worthy. After 4 seasons of Tubby, I thought we'd be better than this. But then again right now we live in loser-ville USA so it's to be expected. How about a random top 10:

1. City vs. County -- Jonathan Richman
2. Heart of Gold -- Neil Young
3. Shimmy Simmy Koko Bop -- Urban Guerrillas
4. Watcha Drinkin' -- Husker Du
5. Reach Out To Jesus -- Elvis Presley
6. Prison Cell Blues -- Blind Lemon Jefferson
7. Of Angels and Angles -- The Decemberists
8. Sam -- The Castaways
9. Drinker's Peace -- Guided By Voices
10. Complicated Situation -- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Bonus: Rich -- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Very nice list, one of my favorites in a long time. Some old, some new, some gospel, some blues,some punk, some GBV. What's your top 10?

Ice Loppet

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Friday Random Top 10


Can I root for both teams to lose the Superbowl? Cancel it because of an Eboli scare? Talk about two teams with such loathsome fan bases, it's just not fair to a Viking fan, even a tepid one like me. I'm going to drown myself in a random top 10:

1. Gypsy Cowboy -- New Riders of the Purple Sage
2. Until You Came Along -- Golden Smog
3. Conversation -- Gary Numan
4. Public Pervert -- Interpol
5. The Tumblers -- Guided By Voices
6. We'll Never Turn Back -- New Freedom Singers
7. Big Boring Wedding -- Guided By Voices
8. Hey Joe -- Hypstrz
9. I Still Can't Believe You're Gone -- Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts
10. I Can Be Killed -- Big Black

Bonus: Gotta Get Away -- Offspring

Nice little mix, Hey Joe is the only song on my i-pod that is sung by four different artists. What's your top 10.

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