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Friday Random Top 10

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Last night I finished The Sopranos. While not as good as The Wire, still a pretty good series. Seven seasons means a lot of episodes and I will definitely miss it. Next up for the exercise bike? The Shield. Now a random top 10 for my barely on life support NCAA bracket:

1. Queen of the World -- The Jayhawks
2. Crackity Jones -- Pixies
3. From a Whisper to a Scream -- Elvis Costello
4. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (Part 1) -- Flaming Lips
5. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows -- Guided By Voices
6. Youth -- Beat Happening
7. Fly -- The Jam
8. Wild Thing -- X
9. Land of Canaan -- Indigo Girls
10. You Can't Always Get What You Want -- Rolling Stones

Bonus: The Prisoner -- The Clash

Btw, last weekend I played the 50,000th song on my I-pod. It was an R.E.M. song. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

Twelve out of 16 for the first night, which is o.k. But I did have St. John's going places oh well, can sit back and watch the Gophers advance today. After that watch Gopher puck advance in the WCHA Final 5... What? Here's a random top 10.

1. Tonight's the Nigh -- Neil Young
2. 2+2=5 -- Radiohead
3. Non Dirle Che Non E' Cosi' -- Francesco DeGregori
4. Drank like a River -- Whiskeytown
5. No Cars Go -- Arcade Fire
6. Sentimental Heart -- She & Him
7. Radio Sweetheart -- Elvis Costello
8. Hot Burrito #2 -- Flying Burrito Bros.
9. That Summer Feeling -- Jonathan Richman
10. Paper Planes (remix) -- M.I.A.

Bonus: Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors -- Radiohead

That DeGregori song is a Portuguese version of Dylan's If you see her say hello from the Masked and Anonymous Soundtrack. Which is a very cool album if you're into Dylan. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

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Wow, some nasty images out of Japan. The United States has been very lucky an earthquake of that magnitude hasn't hit a populated area. How about a random top 10 as we watch destruction videos:

1. Little Bit o' Soul -- Music Explosion
2. Bawatiba -- Kid Rock
3. Whatever -- Husker Du
4. Beat on the Brat -- The Ramones
5. Scissors -- Guided By Voices
6. Star Eyes -- Charlie Parker
7. Down on the Corner -- Creedance Clearwater Revival
8. 'Cross the Breeze -- Sonic Youth
9. Charlene (live) -- Fred Eaglesmith
10. City with no Children -- Arcade Fire

Bonus: Polly (live) -- Nirvana

I was thinking of deleting that Kid Rock song from my I-pod just last week. Wonder if that's a sign that I should. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10


Oh no the Vikings released Tavaris Jackson. One of the causes of dysfunction on that team is no gone, causing them to be a little less lovable. Oh well, here's a random top 10:

1. I Will (No Man's Land) -- Radiohead
2. The Wreck on the Highway -- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
3. Watching the Detectives (live) -- Elvis Costello
4. Shahdaroba -- Roy Orbison
5. Rev It Up -- Fred Eaglesmith
6. Tour Guide at the Winston Churchill Memorial -- Guided By Voices
7. With our Love -- Talking Heads
8. Get on the Snake -- Soundgarden
9. If You Want Me -- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
10. Sentinel -- Pavement

Bonus: At Odds with Dr. Genesis -- Guided By Voices

Sentinel, at 14 seconds, is still only the 4th shortest song on my I-pod but that GBV song has got to be one of the longest titles. What ever that's worth. What's your top 10?

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