Friday Random Top 10


Oh no the Vikings released Tavaris Jackson. One of the causes of dysfunction on that team is no gone, causing them to be a little less lovable. Oh well, here's a random top 10:

1. I Will (No Man's Land) -- Radiohead
2. The Wreck on the Highway -- Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
3. Watching the Detectives (live) -- Elvis Costello
4. Shahdaroba -- Roy Orbison
5. Rev It Up -- Fred Eaglesmith
6. Tour Guide at the Winston Churchill Memorial -- Guided By Voices
7. With our Love -- Talking Heads
8. Get on the Snake -- Soundgarden
9. If You Want Me -- Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
10. Sentinel -- Pavement

Bonus: At Odds with Dr. Genesis -- Guided By Voices

Sentinel, at 14 seconds, is still only the 4th shortest song on my I-pod but that GBV song has got to be one of the longest titles. What ever that's worth. What's your top 10?


fyi - I can no longer leave a comment on your site.

hmmm... maybe that should be in the past tense. I haven't been able to leave a comment for the past few weeks. Perhaps that's changed.


I've been having trouble with spammers, maybe you got caught up in that.

1st time comment. i've been lurking around this page for for a while now. I Love checking out the new articles.


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