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April 29, 2011

Friday Random Top 10

Iron Man Bike Ride this Sunday and I've hardly been out due to the weather. I'm going to be sore on Sunday night! Here's a top random top 10:

1. Marchers in Orange -- Guided By Voices
2. Flowers in the Dell -- Fred Eaglesmith
3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps -- The Beatles
4. Someone/Rock Stars on the Marie Celeste -- Mekons
5. Walkin' After Midnight -- Cowboy Junkies
6. Underneath Your Bed -- Jack Logan
7. Old Angel Midnight -- Jack Kerouac
8. We Live Again -- Beck
9. Help -- The Beatles
10. Sex Me -- Urban Guerrillas

Bonus: Toolmaster of Brainerd -- Trip Shakespeare

Whenever GBV comes up first on one of these lists I have a momentary thought that I would get 10 GBV songs, alas maybe next time. What's your top10?

April 22, 2011

Friday Random Top 10

Yesterday a 25 year old U of MN student was killed on her bike right outside my window. Unfortunately the authorities had the covered body out for an hour recreating the scene before she was put in an ambulance. So be careful out there. If you're on a bike wear a helmet and watch for cars! If you're driving, watch out for bikers, even if they are acting poorly. Bikes will lose against a car every time!

1. View from the afternoon -- Arctic Monkeys
2. Kris Kraft -- Pavement
3. Redemption Song -- Johnny Cash (w/Joe Strummer)
4. Dixie -- Bob Dylan
5. Call Occupants of Interplanetary Craft -- Babes in Toyland
6. Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles
7. Blood -- Pearl Jam
8. Hoodoo -- Billy Bragg & Wilco
9. I'll Fly Away -- Alison Krauss
10. Love My Way -- Psychedelic Furs

Bonus: Don't Worry Baby -- Beach Boys

What's your top 10?

April 15, 2011

Friday Random Top 10

Tomorrow is record store day and I will head over to Roadrunner Records to buy the new Feelies disc. Until then, a Random Top 10:

1. Start a War -- The National
2. Gates of Eden -- Bob Dylan
3. Love Thing -- Stillwater
4. In a Future Age -- Wilco
5. Dead in the Water -- Supersuckers
6. Wah-Wah -- George Harrison
7. In a Lonely Place -- The Smithereens
8. Help -- The Beatles
9. I Don't Believe You -- Bob Dylan
10. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley

Bonus: Nice Dream -- Radiohead

Wow, nice little vibe going with that list. Lots of older stuff. What's your top 10?

April 8, 2011

Friday Random Top 10

Please don't tell me the stink that has infected all of Minnesota's sports teams is now kissing the lips of the Minnesota Twins. They're all we have left!!!!! Here's a Random Top 10:

1. Unscathed -- Jack Logan
2. I Like Trains -- Fred Eaglesmith
3. Son of a Preacher Man -- Dusty Springfield
4. $100 Groom -- Paul Westerberg
5. Bongo Bop (Take A) -- Charlie Parker
6. Only in Dreams -- Weezer
7. Welcome to the Working Week -- Elvis Costello
8. Midnight Carnival -- Chris Mars
9. Personal Jesus -- Johnny Cash
10. Standing in the Doorway -- Soul Asylum

Bonus: Easy To Be Hard -- Golden Smog

Not the greatest list in the world, but solid. What's your Top 10?

April 1, 2011

Friday Random Top 10

After the lousy winter we had and the crappy sports teams we had to endure, has there ever been a place that was in need of baseball season than Minneapolis? Let's celebrate with a top 10:

1. Four Provinces -- The Walkmen
2. Mykonos -- Fleet Foxes
3. Over and Over Again -- Clap Your Hands and Say Yea
4. The Funeral -- Band of Horses
5. Peacebone -- Animal Collective
6. Two Weeks -- Grizzley Bear
7. Panda Panda Panda -- Deerhoof
8. Crash into Me -- Dave Matthews Band
9. Makes Me Wonder -- Maroon 5
10. Human -- The Killers

Bonus: Don't Stop Believing -- Journey

My God, what was that?!! Thankfully it's April Fools Day! What's your top 10?