Friday Random Top 10


After the lousy winter we had and the crappy sports teams we had to endure, has there ever been a place that was in need of baseball season than Minneapolis? Let's celebrate with a top 10:

1. Four Provinces -- The Walkmen
2. Mykonos -- Fleet Foxes
3. Over and Over Again -- Clap Your Hands and Say Yea
4. The Funeral -- Band of Horses
5. Peacebone -- Animal Collective
6. Two Weeks -- Grizzley Bear
7. Panda Panda Panda -- Deerhoof
8. Crash into Me -- Dave Matthews Band
9. Makes Me Wonder -- Maroon 5
10. Human -- The Killers

Bonus: Don't Stop Believing -- Journey

My God, what was that?!! Thankfully it's April Fools Day! What's your top 10?


1) Lovin' Toll Man Suite - Tal Ross/Giant Shirley
2) Let Go - Walter Lure & the Waldos/I Only Wrote This Song For You
3) Station Man - Fleetwood Mac/Trod Nossel Studios75
4) Las Vegas Man - Suicide/Live
5) Empty Baseball Park - Whiskeytown/Faithless Street
6) Then She Kissed Me - The Derailers/Full Western Dress
7) Stars in Alabama - Jamey Johnson/That Lonesome Song
8) Down the Drain - Ken Nordine/The Best of Word Jazz
9) Art Groupie - Grace Jones/Nightclubbing
10) Birmingham - Randy Newman/Lonely At the Top

"He's the meanest dog in Alabam, get 'em Dan".

All in all, with Kick-Ass, as bad a movie as it may be, I couldn't help but stay interested in it because of the electric chemistry between the leads.


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