Friday Random Top 10

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Please don't tell me the stink that has infected all of Minnesota's sports teams is now kissing the lips of the Minnesota Twins. They're all we have left!!!!! Here's a Random Top 10:

1. Unscathed -- Jack Logan
2. I Like Trains -- Fred Eaglesmith
3. Son of a Preacher Man -- Dusty Springfield
4. $100 Groom -- Paul Westerberg
5. Bongo Bop (Take A) -- Charlie Parker
6. Only in Dreams -- Weezer
7. Welcome to the Working Week -- Elvis Costello
8. Midnight Carnival -- Chris Mars
9. Personal Jesus -- Johnny Cash
10. Standing in the Doorway -- Soul Asylum

Bonus: Easy To Be Hard -- Golden Smog

Not the greatest list in the world, but solid. What's your Top 10?

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