Friday Random Top 10

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Iron Man Bike Ride this Sunday and I've hardly been out due to the weather. I'm going to be sore on Sunday night! Here's a top random top 10:

1. Marchers in Orange -- Guided By Voices
2. Flowers in the Dell -- Fred Eaglesmith
3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps -- The Beatles
4. Someone/Rock Stars on the Marie Celeste -- Mekons
5. Walkin' After Midnight -- Cowboy Junkies
6. Underneath Your Bed -- Jack Logan
7. Old Angel Midnight -- Jack Kerouac
8. We Live Again -- Beck
9. Help -- The Beatles
10. Sex Me -- Urban Guerrillas

Bonus: Toolmaster of Brainerd -- Trip Shakespeare

Whenever GBV comes up first on one of these lists I have a momentary thought that I would get 10 GBV songs, alas maybe next time. What's your top10?

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Curious - were you at the last house on the left show w/Husker Du in summer 1984? If so, care to provide some perspective?


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