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Friday Random Top 10

Busy Weekend: Get house ready for grad party, volunteer for tornado clean-up in North Minneapolis, Barca v. ManU, Twins game, picnic. I definitely need a random top 10:

1. We Dance -- Pavement
2. Shirley's Looking Down -- Magnolias
3. Have Mercy -- Loretta Lynn
4. Ester's Day -- Guided By Voices
5. A Snowflake Fell -- Glasvegas
6. Kaw-liga -- Hank Williams
7. Queen of the World -- The Jayhawks
8. Kneeling Drunkards' Plea -- Johnny Cash
9. Relaxin' at Camarillo (take c) -- Charlie Parker
10. The Caretaker - Johnny Cash

Bonus: Train of Love -- Neil Young

That version of Have Mercy kicks absolute ass, from a 70 year old woman no less. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

So where where are you going to be to watch The Rapture. I've been blogging so infrenquently lately people won't know if I was taken or not, I guess you'll have to wait to see if I come back next week Here could be my final random top 10:

1. Teenage Riot -- Sonic Youth
2. Seven o'clock (demo) -- Elvis Costello
3. Blue Eyes -- The Wedding Present
4. Hold On Tight -- Electric Light Orchestra
5. As Above, So Below -- Klaxons
6. Sleepless Nights -- Gram Parson
7. I Go Stung -- Elvis Presley
8. You Need the Glory -- Minutemen
9. Have You Seen Her Face -- The Byrds
10. Why Go -- Pearl Jam

Bonus -- Mr. Pleasant -- The Kinks

Nice list. It was a good run, what's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

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Crappy play, Mauer injured, lousy pitching, removed trees, higher prices, bad in-stadium music. Now Harmon dying. Can anything else go wrong with the Twins this year? Let's get to a top 10, maybe that will change the karma.

1. Idiot Wind -- Bob Dylan
2. Mommy -- The Suburbs
3. Girl Talk -- Elvis Costello
4. Blank Generation -- Richard Hell & the Voidoids
5. Postcard -- The Suburbs
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water -- Simon and Garfunkel
7. The Sprawl -- Sonic Youth
8. Love and Marriage -- Frank Sinatra
9. Liked It A Lot -- Charlie Pickett
10. Believe -- The Chemical Brothers

Bonus: Comfortably Numb -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs

Boy it would be easy to write a story with these song titles wouldn't it. What's your top 10?

Friday Random Top 10

Beautiful day. I'll be painting. Here's a random top 10:

1. I Put a Spell on You -- Creedance Clearwater Revival
2. Tell You Why Tomorrow -- Husker Du
3. Beast of Burden -- Rolling Stones
4. On The Wall -- Jesus and Mary Chain
5. Ziggy Stardust -- David Bowie
6. If This is Love, Can I get my Money Back -- Charlie Pickett
7. In a Little While -- U2
8. Whispering Pines -- The Band
9. The Enemy -- Guided By Voices
10. Redrum -- Tom Waits

Bonus: Found a Job (live) -- Talking Heads

Nice variety, sounds like good painting music. Whats on your top 10?

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