Friday Random Top 10

So where where are you going to be to watch The Rapture. I've been blogging so infrenquently lately people won't know if I was taken or not, I guess you'll have to wait to see if I come back next week Here could be my final random top 10:

1. Teenage Riot -- Sonic Youth
2. Seven o'clock (demo) -- Elvis Costello
3. Blue Eyes -- The Wedding Present
4. Hold On Tight -- Electric Light Orchestra
5. As Above, So Below -- Klaxons
6. Sleepless Nights -- Gram Parson
7. I Go Stung -- Elvis Presley
8. You Need the Glory -- Minutemen
9. Have You Seen Her Face -- The Byrds
10. Why Go -- Pearl Jam

Bonus -- Mr. Pleasant -- The Kinks

Nice list. It was a good run, what's your top 10?


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