Friday Random Top 10

Busy Weekend: Get house ready for grad party, volunteer for tornado clean-up in North Minneapolis, Barca v. ManU, Twins game, picnic. I definitely need a random top 10:

1. We Dance -- Pavement
2. Shirley's Looking Down -- Magnolias
3. Have Mercy -- Loretta Lynn
4. Ester's Day -- Guided By Voices
5. A Snowflake Fell -- Glasvegas
6. Kaw-liga -- Hank Williams
7. Queen of the World -- The Jayhawks
8. Kneeling Drunkards' Plea -- Johnny Cash
9. Relaxin' at Camarillo (take c) -- Charlie Parker
10. The Caretaker - Johnny Cash

Bonus: Train of Love -- Neil Young

That version of Have Mercy kicks absolute ass, from a 70 year old woman no less. What's your top 10?


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