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Best and Worse Run States

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The list from 1 to 50 of the best run states have been announced 24/7 Wall St. And the winner is...

North Dakota?

Well that is just frustrating as a Minneostan, but here is how our neighbors to the west topped the list. Criteria included:

- state's debt, revenue, and expenditure
- fiscal management
- poverty
- income levels
- education levels

The strongest correlation of the study came from highly educated people and well-managed states. Nine of the 10 best run states have an unemployment rate below 7% with North Dakota at 3.6%.

So where is Minnesota? Number 10.

Full article:

Closeness to In-Laws

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This is an interesting article I found on Yahoo! News. The study suggests that marriages are 20% less likely to end in divorce if the husband is close to his in-laws. Inversely, marriages where women are close with their in-laws are 20% more likely to end in divorce.

Michigan psychology professor Dr. Terri Orbuch conducted this longitudinal survey study over the past 26 years. She used over 300 couples between the ages of 25 and 37 located in the Detroit-metro area.

Dr. Orbuch believes the difference is that in a close relationship between in-laws and the wife results in increased meddling. As for the men she states, "identity as as a father and a husband is often secondary to their identity as a provider. As a result, they don't take what their in-laws do or say so personally. "

The independent variable is close relationships with in-laws, whereas the dependent value is success of marriage. Cross-lagged surveys described in the book are rare so this is an interesting one to pay attention to. However, it doesn't sound like there are many other studies that are like this so maybe it would be good to take this with a grain of salt. Another reason to be skeptical is that it only surveyed people in Detroit, possibly only reflecting regional beliefs towards marriage.

Cultural changes also change the effects on marriage as what was considered "close" to in-laws may not be considered "close" by today's standards. At any rate, the survey does not say if relationship have gotten closer between husbands and in-laws or have declined which would be a good area of future research.

I mean is this a surprise...Apple Tops Black Friday

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After today's guest lecturer I had analytics on my mind! I came across this article as it described how Apple dominated digital sales on Black Friday and the analytics used to measure the data.

Apparently, IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark is the only cloud based e-commerce analytics device out there. Very interesting considering all the different analytic companies we saw today in class!

Prostate Cancer and How to Prevent it

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This article here...

Gives some tips on how to prevent prostate cancer in men.

Some of the interesting findings include:
1. Drink Coffee (a lá Prof. Ball's first example): this report says that men who regularly drink coffee are 59% less likely to develop prostate cancer. The study was conducted by researchers at Harvard. They however do not know what in the coffee makes this happen which begs the question of correlation does not mean causation which was brought up in Prof. Ball's example.

2. Eating cooked tomato products.

3. Exercising reduces the risk of fatal prostate cancer by 41%. Doing rigorous exercise for 5 hours a week reduces it 56%. (i.e. biking, tennis, running.) This is no surprise as healthy habits lead to a longer life! A very valid and reliable finding.

4. Men who eat fish 3 times a week reduce risk of prostate cancer 25%.

These studies conducted by Harvard have expert validity. I know for certain that I will be partaking in these acts in order to live a happy, long life.

Happy Movember

Mobile Customer Service

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Here is an article about mobile customer service and its growing importance in marketing.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 1.20.06 PM.png

We can see here that 38% of companies now utilize mobile customer service which is up 10% from 2011. Interesting to note in this chart is that nearly 45% of businesses still don't use mobile customer service sites or apps. With an increase of 10% it looks like this number will continue to go down over the coming years.

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 1.21.01 PM.png

This chart utilized a Likert Scale when gaining data. Here the surveyors asked consumers what is least important "1" through most important "5" when it comes to buying products online. This information is vital to companies when making mobile apps or sites.

The end of the article talks about the three industries that will have the greatest increase in mobile customer service in the future. These three industries are: the airline, auto industry and telecommunication industries. The reason these three industries will see an increase is because consumers tend to use their services most often on the go.. By 2015, the article says, the airline industry will conduct 73% of its business via mobile. Up from 52% today.

The importance of mobile for these industries is similar to the social media trends SLAAM-D researched for our research news project on Fortune 500 companies. The airline industry in particular had low levels of social media usage which we found surprising because traveling is so stressful we figured that passengers would like to have a closer connection with the airlines. It will be interesting to see how mobile and social media will become more intertwined over the coming years as smart phones continue to be the leading technology.

Hurricane Sandy and Online Marketing

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According to the link above (sorry still trying to figure out this whole blog thing so links are all i have) Hurricane Sandy is severely impacting online marketing. "impressions down 30%, clicks down 15% and spend down 10%." over the past few days. Although the industry as a whole is other companies, such as heating and plumbing companies, have seen an increase in site visits due to its services that would offer relief for Sandy.

More posts to come!

CNN Exit Polls

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Attached are some exit polls from CNN:

These polls span all sorts of demographics: income levels, religious involvement, age, race etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary here. The one thing that is peculiar to me, as it was on election night, was that people who would identify themselves as conservative would vote for Obama and vice versa with liberals for Romney. Interesting question to ask but an important one as to gain insight that labeling people one way or another does not necessarily box them in to the party ties.

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