5 Hour Energy Commercial

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This YouTube video states that 73% of doctors recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their patients who use an energy supplement. This ad is misleading in its research and shows commercial bias.

1. They state patients who already use an energy supplement are recommended to use low calorie supplements. This does not say that doctors recommend using caffeine supplements but those who already do should use a lower calorie one. So if you're drinking a Red Bull that has a lot of calories you should use a lower calorie one. If you're using no energy drinks the ad makes it sound like a low-calorie energy drink is good and is recommended.

2. The ad also makes it sound like doctors recommend 5 Hour Energy seemingly promoting a commercial product. All the doctors say is that people who use high calorie energy drinks should use lower ones.

This ad is misleading and shows that numbers can be manipulated for financial gains.

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