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CNN Exit Polls

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Attached are some exit polls from CNN:

These polls span all sorts of demographics: income levels, religious involvement, age, race etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary here. The one thing that is peculiar to me, as it was on election night, was that people who would identify themselves as conservative would vote for Obama and vice versa with liberals for Romney. Interesting question to ask but an important one as to gain insight that labeling people one way or another does not necessarily box them in to the party ties.

Hurricane Sandy and Online Marketing

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According to the link above (sorry still trying to figure out this whole blog thing so links are all i have) Hurricane Sandy is severely impacting online marketing. "impressions down 30%, clicks down 15% and spend down 10%." over the past few days. Although the industry as a whole is other companies, such as heating and plumbing companies, have seen an increase in site visits due to its services that would offer relief for Sandy.

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