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4901 objectives?

If seminar really is our "capstone" class, then our objectives need to reflect that the seminar giver has achieved our basic major objectives, no? Of our new objectives, the ones that most directly apply are

  1. advance student learning in contemporary chemistry at a level appropriate to undergraduates,
  2. advance student competence in research in chemistry and
  3. advance student skills in writing and speaking about chemistry

I think the 2nd and 3rd won't be too difficult to revamp into a specific learning objective for 4901, but (1) might be a little dodgier. To me, in a capstone course a student should, for all intents and purposes, "defend" their major. That their student learning in the whole of contemporary chemistry has been advanced. That I (a graduating chem major) can speak knowledgeably about the wider realm of chemistry, from inorganic to analytical to physical to organic/biochemical. Certainly the seminar itself has to be focused, but I'd like to see less shying away from those areas of the major that they are less comfortable with, and greater depth in the seminar so that this nebulous "objective #1" is truly achieved...