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Alumni input from Andrew Christianson

Alumnus Andrew Christianson was haunting the halls last week and I got some interesting info out of him w/r/t what we could do better based on his experiences in his current job as a lab manager:

  • more experience in dealing with people -- maybe recommend taking a management course
  • exposure to the "real world" of having to buy chemicals and equipment (Ted - I'm thinking that we can easily incorporate this into an assignment in ItR)
  • Can never have too much instruction on making solutions (he commented on how the others who work there - non-chemists - have no clue what molarity is or how to make up a solution)
  • "unleash them" -- he suggested that we consider more s/n coursework so that students feel more free to take risks.

Interesting input, I thought...


Some responses to Andrew's Comments:

*I do show students the "tricks of the trade" in buying chemicals and equipment as much as possible. I've done this quite a bit in Macromolecules this semester, for example.
*Making solutions?