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Prerequisites for Theoretical Chemistry

I have been pondering theoretical chemistry, CHEM 4551, and how this course could be a possible elective for more students. Here are a few ideas:
1) remove CHEM 3502 (Physical Chemistry II) as a prerequisite
2) have CHEM 3501 (Physical Chemistry I) as a pre- or corequisite and/or consent of instructor
3) The CHEM 4551 would have two half-semester parts:
a) orbitals, chemical bonding, and computational chemistry for the first half
b) statistical thermodynamics for the second half
The first half of the course would work well with other parts of our curriculum where reasoning with orbitals and /or computation are helpful. I think that this can be taught in a way that would not require the p-chem II prerequisite. It is really the second half that would need p-chem I as a pre- or co-requisite. The first and second half could have separate listings, 4551a and 4551b. If so, could each be 1.5 credits? Both together would match the current course description for chem 4551.


You would have two separate listings because you're thinking students wouldn't want to take both halves?

I anticipate students who are chem majors would take both halves to get credit for a chemistry elective but thought that one or the other half of the course might appeal to students from other majors, physics, math, or biology perhaps.