Professor John Budd Presents "Faculty Discoveries" Session

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Smaller.CIMG0312.JPGProfessor John Budd presented a session on his research on the conceptualization of work as part of the Carlson School's "Faculty Discoveries" series in early December.

Budd's talk, "Thought of Work," revealed the wide-ranging nature of work by uncovering the diverse ways in which influential thinkers and practitioners conceptualize work. The result was a powerful framework of 10 conceptualizations of work that integrates the rich thinking about work from across the historical and contemporary social sciences and humanities. These 10 conceptualizations replace the usual fragmentary approach to understanding work with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that not only promotes a deep understanding of work, but that also establishes the fundamental importance of work for the human experience.

Professor Budd is the Industrial Relations Land Grant Chair and the director of the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies at the Carlson School. He is an expert in industrial relations, labor relations/collective bargaining, and labor policy. His current research touches on the topics of unionism over the life cycle, concepts of work, the effects of labor unions, and employee well-being.

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