Second Semester in the MA-HRIR program

Winds are blowing hard across the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities and all of the MA-HRIR students have returned from Winter break for their second semester. Students are geared up for another full semester of academics and self-growth.

Our second semester core classes consist of Organizational Theory, Organizational Behavior, Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, and Compensation and Benefits. Outside these core classes, many have decided to take electives as well!

As students look toward finding information important to our core classes, is a great website to check to keep up-to-date with HR information. Recent SHRM studies found on the website claim:

  • 2013 Graduate students' salaries jump 3.4% from previous years
  • Diversity and inclusion outsourced advice will only be effective if inside leaders of firm greatly supports
  • Salary is the number one variable that matters most to job seekers (data by Survey)
  • Promotion policies can attract and retain talent
Professor Fossum introduced to us what we should expect in the Compensation and Benefits course. I found many articles on stating that SHRM anticipates Comp and Benefits to be a high growth field within Human Resource and Industrial Relations careers.

One of the main objectives in Organizational Behavior is to learn how firms will manage rapidly changing environments that have no geographic boundaries. Rising diversity in the workplace and society will have an affect on all firms. An article from SHRM was clear to state that diversity and inclusion is only effective and productive for a firm when inside leaders give great support and consistency to inclusions initiatives.

All in all, is a great website that gives refreshing updates on the HR news. Many of the articles updates correlate with the courses we are taking as 1st year MA-HRIR students. It gives an emphasis on the importance of the courses we are taking and how we will someday apply them to our very own daily work. Become a member and take advantage of tons of information at your fingertips!

This semester will be a fun and challenging one, no doubt!
Signing off- Pao Kue

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