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Social Media Fueling Sports Debate

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Claire Cane Miller's says in the New York Times that social media has silenced
debate on political issues. She cites surveys done by Rutgers University in which people
would discuss the issues at the dinner table, but were less inclined to post feelings on political issues like the Edward Snowden case on Facebook and Twitter. This silence may be relevant to political issues and other serious topics, but social media debate on sports topics definitely has not been quelled. If anything the addition of social media and other new media has fueled debate.
ESPN, the major sports network in the world today, produces most sports debate, but before Facebook started in 2004 ESPN had only two debate shows, Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn. According to Wikipedia, "The Worldwide Leader" now has nine television shows that are debate oriented. And that does not include their wide range of podcast debate shows centered on more narrow subjects.
On top of the increased focus in debate, these shows have embraced social media and used it as an easy springboard for finding topics and gathering information on what the public thinks.
The most famous debate show, First Take, has social media references all over it at all times.
Exhibit A:
You'll notice the Youtube banner and their channel in the upper right hand corner. This allows for their audience to find other debates and give the show feedback, or get involved in the debate themselves.

Here is some debate from users fueled by the Youtube availability of this exact episode:

The video screen shot also shows the twitter handle Skip Bayless, the man currently debating, so you can easily reach them or pose questions to the show.

PTI used to only use email for the show during their "Mail Time" segment in which viewers send in questions for the hosts. Now they almost exclusively rely on twitter and facebook.

SportsNation uses it for polling their viewers and adding the results to the show:

Not only has the social medias added to the sports debate shows, it has also added to debate done outside of any show medium. On November 23 of this year, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made a catch that some consider to be the greatest of all-time. Not according to NFL analyst Adam Schefter.
Obviously some of his followers will either agree or disagree with him, but it all starts that social debate.

Cain talks about how the new social media is a vessel for harassment. This is no different in the world of sports. Many of the responses to Schefter's harmless tweet were expletive filled. The Podcast SVP & Russillo actually has a segment based on the written wars that co-host Scott Van Pelt gets into with his followers.

Even with all the advantages of the new media sports personalities are still highly discouraged in getting involved in political issues.
Baseball writer Keith Law was suspended last weekend after tweeting about intermediate fossils and the existence of evolution. And long time writer and TV personality Bill Simmons was suspended for calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a "liar" when the commisioner said that he had not seen the footage of player Ray Rice beating up his girlfriend.
This showcases the uses of social media for a hobby topic like sports versus the more substantial and political topics.

CAR analysis

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This story analysis the different tendencies people have while speaking.
In order to do a report on this story in this graphical manner the reporter would have to know how to embed audio onto a webpage as well as posting pictures that could be scrolled through.
Without the interactive graphics no one would ever think that this story was interesting and be prone to reading on after the first one. They really make it interesting by making the styles correspond to famous people then giving an example of what that sounds like.

Charlotte Mayor to be appointed to cabinet

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President Obama plans to nominate Charlotte Mayor Anthony R. Foxx as transportation secretary Monday, NPR reports.
Foxx has been the mayor of Charlotte for four years, the New York Times reports.
Foxx does not have a transportation background, but has advocated for his city to have a light rail, widened a major highway and opened a new runway at the airport, the New York Times reports.
Obama has been under criticism for not having a diverse second-term cabinet. It has mostly appointed white males white males, but Foxx will become the second black cabinet member, joining Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr, the New York Times reports.

Collapsed Building Owner Arrested

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The fugitive owner of the building that collapsed in Bangladesh, and killed at least 377 people, was caught Sunday by a commando force as he tried to flee to India, USA Today reports.
Mohammed Sohel Rana was caught on the western Bangladesh border and faces charges of negligence after the building was found to be illegally constructed, USA Today reports.
Rana had been on the run since the building's collapse and was seen Tuesday, after the building developed cracks, telling tennants that the building was safe, USA Today reports.
Bangladesh authorities arrested four others Saturday, including two government engineers, CNN reports.

Seven injured in SUV rollover

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All seven passengers, including a 4-year-old are in serious condition after their SUV rolled over near I-694 in Fridley, Friday, the Pioneer Press reports.
The one-vehicle crash occurred on University Avenue around 5:20 p.m.
Six of the passengers were not wearing their seat belt and multiple people were thrown from the car, the Star Tribune reports.
The driver, 35-year-old Jennifer Teetzel of Minneapolis, was the only one wearing her seat belt. She and the other passengers were taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center. The state patrol said alcohol was detected in her system, the Pioneer Press reports.
The cause of the accident is still under investigation, the Pioneer Press reports.

A friend of the teenage boy, who was shot and killed while breaking into a home in Little Falls, Thanksgiving Day, pleaded guilty Friday to two charges that he helped the kid with his thefts, the Star Tribune reports.
Cody Kasper, 17 pleaded guilty to the charges a day after Byron Smith was indicted first-degree murder when he shot and killed Kasper's friend Brady and Brady's cousin Haile Kifer, the Star Tribune reports.
Smith killed the two teens when they came down into his basement after breaking into his house, through a window. He shot them multiple times in the head and chest with a revolver and shotgun and then dragged them into his office, the Pioneer Press reports.
Kasper was sentenced to 90 days of electronic home monitoring and 200 hours of community service, the Star Tribune reports.

Neil Diamond has decided to donate the royalties that he has gained this week from his song "Sweet Caroline" to the One Fund Boston, sources report.
The song sold 19,000 tracks with sales up 597 percent this week after the New York Yankees and other sports teams played the song as a tribute to Boston after the bombings, ESPN reports.
The song has been played in the eighth inning of every Boston Red Sox game since 2002, CNN reports.
One Fund Boston has raised more than $23 million dollars as of Wednesday in an effort to help the people most effected by the bombings, CNN reports

Teen dead after apartment shooting in Shakopee

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19-year-old Marcos Antino Pantaleon died of gun shot wound Thursday at an apartment in Shakopee, Pioneer Press reports.
Pantaleon was pronounced dead at the scene, while a 22-year-old and a 17-year-old were wounded. Three others in the apartment were not injured, the Pioneer Press reports.
Police say three people were scene fleeing from the shooting, the Pioneer Press reports.
Steven Andre Moore, a 27-year-old Minneapolis man, was arrested as a suspect Friday while the police are still looking for the two other male suspects, sources report
The shooting occurred a day before Pantaleon's 20th birthday, the Pioneer Press reports.

Quake hits china killing 164

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An Earthquake surged through rural southwest China Saturday, killing 164 and injuring more than 6,700. Reuters reports.
A 6.6-magnitude tremor in Sichuan province was the second earthquake in the region in five years, BBC News reports.
At least 710 aftershocks hve occurred after the quake further damaging buildings, BBC News report.
A 7.9-magnitude quake hit the region in 2008 killing some 70,000 people, Reuters reports.
Thousands of troops have been sent to the region to help the rescue and recovery effort, BBC News reports

The Minnesota Senate approved a bill Saturday that will ban employers from considering a job applicants criminal history until an interview or job offer is given, the Pioneer Press reports.
The senate approved the bill by a vote of 44-16 and if passed by the house it will prohibit private employers, as public employers already have to follow this law, from keeping the are-you-a-felon box on applications, the Star Tribune reports.
The bill does not extend to private employers who are prohibited to employ certain offenders, like nursing homes and hospitals, the Star Tribune reports.