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Nizzel George Analysis

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MPR's lead to the guilty plead of the 17-year old gang member article contains the news elements of who, what, and when.
The who is very general as the man pleading is only described as "a teenager," rather than explaining that they're a gang member or the age of the person.
The what is explained in detail as it is described that the teenager is pleading guilty in the shooting death of Nizzel George.
The when is very general as it is described with just the day of the week, "Friday", instead of saying the time of day, but I have no problem with that element being used generally.
I do though have a problem with the general use of the who element though because Shannon is this person doing the action. He is the main element keeping the timeliness of the story rather than George.
I feel that the second paragraph would actually be a better lead in to the who element and should be used rather than "a teenager" while the sentence about how George died should be moved to the body of the story otherwise it feels like the first sentence of the story is being repeated in the second story.

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Thad: You are doing a good job with the blogs. I want to warn you, though, that you will begin getting reduced points if you leave these until the weekend. Nice work.

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