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Paul Williams Obituary Analysis

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This obituary has a standard obituary lead.
The news value is rather low because most people do not follow rock journalism and professional critics of rock. Also the magazine is not nationally followed as it was surpassed by Rolling Stone.
The story of someone's life is much more personable compared to the listing of a resume. It goes into detail what he accomplished and provides what others thought of him. You really get a picture of who this person was throughout life, not just work.
Sources include: his wife; Peter Knobler, the man who took over Paul Williams editor position; Robert Christgau, and Paul Williams himself

A Brazilian doctor appeared in court after allegedly killing seven people to free up hospital beds, CNN reports.
Prosecutors said Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza and her medical team gave patients muscle relaxers then reduced their oxygen supply causing asphyxia and death, the New York Daily News reports.
Three other doctors, three nurses, and a physiotherapist have also been charged with murder, the New York Daily News reports.
Prosecutors allege de Sousa pulled the plugs of patients against their and their families wishes, CNN reports
Investigators are looking into more than 300 other cases that could involve Sousa's wrongdoing, the New York Daily News reports.

At least 3 dead after 75-car pileup

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At least three people are dead and 20 injured after a 75-car pileup occurred on Interstate 77 near the Virginia-North Carolina border, NBC News reports.
The crash began at around 1 p.m. in the southbound lane in Carroll County, Virginia. Dense fog is believed to be the main cause of the massive pileup, NBC News reports.
A tractor-trailer, involved in the crash, caught fire, WRAL reports.
The northbound lane was closed so emergency crews could respond to the scene, WRAL reports.

Flip Saunders turns down Gophers

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Former Minnesota Timberwolves coach and Golden Gopher basketball player, Flip Saunders declined the University of Minnesota's offer to take over the men's basketball coaching position, the Pioneer Press reports.
After the University fired Tubby Smith, after his best season with the team, on Monday they have struggled to fill the position. The attempted to get Shaka Smart from Virginia Commonwealth and Fred Hoiberg from Iowa State, but they have both decided to stay put, the Star Tribune reports.
Andy Enfield, current Florida Gulf Coast coach, appears to be the next leading candidate, the Pioneer Press reports.

Minneapolis Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run accident

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A Minneapolis woman was struck and killed in a hit-and-run crash with a vehicle early Saturday morning, KSTP reports.
Police received a call at 2:15 a.m reporting an accident in which a woman was severely injured near the intersection of E. Lake St. and Cedar Avenue S., the Star Tribune reports.
When the police arrived on scene the victim Elyse Mary Stern, 28, was already dead, the Star Tribune reports.
The suspected driver was 27-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez-Campoceco. Police arrested him on a suspicion of DWI and he could face a criminal vehicle operation charge, KSTP reports.

California filmmaker shot over shrubbery argument

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A California filmmaker known for rescuing kids from Romanian orphanages in the 1990's was shot and killed Thursday after an apparent dispute over shrubbery, police said.
John Charles Upton Jr., 56, was found dead on a dirt path Thursday, near his home in Encinitas California, The Associated Press reports.
His neighbor Michael Vilkin admitted to shooting Upton, but claims that it was in self defense, Mail Online reports.
Vilkin said that he brought a gun with him, while he was trimming Upton's hedges that reached into his property because of past disputes, Mail Online reports.
Upton came out to talk to Vilkin about the foilage and pulled a gun on him, Vilkin said, the Associated Press reports.
Upton was known for his work in getting Romanian orphans to America for medical care and adoption after finding out about the bad conditions the children had to go through, the Associated Press reports.

Lima's first female mayor survives recall election

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Exit polls show the first female mayor of Peru's capital, Lima, kept her position after surviving a recall on Sunday, the Associated Press reports.
An exit poll showed that 52.6 percent of voters want mayor, Susana Villaran, to keep her position, defeating traditional power brokers, Terra News reports.
Villaran has tried to fix Lima's corrupt transit system, as well a other corrupt institutions, the Associated Press reports.
Official results will not be known until Monday because every city council position was up for recall, the Associated Press reports.

Cottage Grove looks to become more bike-friendly

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Cottage Grove is pursuing three new bike projects this year in an effort to become more bicycle-frendly, the Pioneer Press reports.
The city plans to build three miles of bike trails in city parks this year and designate eight miles of bike trails for the Mississippi River Trail, the Pioneer Press reports.
Cottage Grove is also building a 1-acre bike park for stuns and mountain bike riding. It would be the first bike park in the east metro area, reports.
The $10,000 in costs for the park will be raised by bike enthusiasts, the Pioneer Press reports.

Sauk Rapids mayor charged with DWI

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Sauk Rapids Mayor Brad Gunderson was charged Friday with two counts of drunk driving after driving a vehicle onto someone's yard Feb. 17, the Minn Post reports.
A court complaint said the mayor had a blood alcohol content more than three times Minnesota's legal limit, the Pioneer Press reports.
Gunderson said he is not planning to resign because of the incident, the Minn Post reports.
He is due in court April 9, the St. Cloud Times reports.

United States to increase missile defense

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The United States is adding missile interceptors to the West Coast in response to North Korea's threat of a nuclear attack, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Friday, CNN reports.
The Pentagon plans to spend $1 billion to install 14 additional interceptors by 2017 that would bring the total to 44, the New York Times reports.
North Korea threatened nuclear attack after increased U.N. sanctions on its nuclear testing, CNN reports.
North Korea successfully launched a long range missile in December in what Western countries thought was going to be the launching of a satellite into orbit, CNN reports.

The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman urged the NFL to investigate whether teams have been inquiring about sexual orientation while interviewing possible draft picks, the Associated Press reports.
Three players in last month's NFL Scouting Combine said in interviews that they were asked whether they liked girls or had girlfriends, ABC News reports.
These questions are probably being asked because of the fake girlfriend hoax involving Manit Te'o, ABC News are reports.
Companies are not allowed to ask potential job candidates about their sexual orientation according to New York State law, and at least 20 of the 32 NFL teams fall in the jurisdiction of states with similar laws, ABC News reports.

North Korea threatened to cancel the armistice that ended the Korean War, Monday and launch a nuclear attack on the United States, the Times of India reports.
After the beginning of annual military drills that involved 10,000 South Korean and 3,500 American troops North Korea failed to respond to hotline calls from South Korea, cutting communication, the Times of India reports.
North Korea sees the drills as preparation for invasion, the Associated Press reports.
North Korea seeks a treaty that will will involve the removal of 28,500 U.S. troops in South Korea, the Associated Press reports.

Volunteers find no sign of missing St. Paul woman

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Search parties found no sign of a missing St. Paul woman as they searched Lilydale Park Sunday, the Associated Press reports.
30-year-old Kira Trevino was reported missing since Feb. 24 and was last seen on Feb. 21 leaving the Mall of America where she worked, the Associated Press reports.
Her husband Jeffery Trevino has been charged with the second degree murder of his wife even though the body has yet to be found, the Pioneer Press reports.

Riots erupt in Egypt over case

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A riot between two opposing soccer fan bases took place in the streets of Cairo and Port Said Saturday, killing two and injuring 15, CNN reports.
After 21 soccer fans were sentenced to death for their roles in a riot during a game involving teams from both cities last year, resulting in the death of more than 70 people, fans from Port Said went into a frenzy trying to stop shipping in the Suez Canal, Reuters reports
After 28 others were acquitted, fans from Cairo started burning buildings, Reuters reports.
The Egyptian cabinet released a statement urging Egyptians to unite and respect court rulings, Reuters reports.

The FBI raid University of Minnesota dorm room

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Minneapolis FBI raided the University of Minnesota's Middlebrook Hall Wesnesday morning, CBS Minnesota reports.
The FBI had a search warrant, but authorities cannot say what they were looking for or whether they found it, the Minnesota Daily reports.
It was not disclosed whose room was searched, the Minnesota Daily reports.

Volunteer killed by lion at California park

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A volunteer intern at an exotic animal park in California was killed by a lion Wednesday, NBC News reports.
The worker, a 26-year-old female was mauled by a 4-year-old African Lion after entering its cage at the Cat Haven animal park. Authorities do not know why she was in the cage, the Associated Press reports.
Sheriff's deputies arrived on scene finding the woman severely injured lying near the lion.
After a park worker tried to lure the lion to another pen unsuccessfully, deputies shot and killed the cat so they could reach the girl, but she died on scene, the Associated Press reports.
The park was closed at the time, NBC News reports.

Speeches/Meetings Analysis

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In President Obama's press conference coverage the reporter decided to start paraphrasing Obama and hooking the reader by saying how the sequester will affect the readers themselves. Colleen Curtis then intrigues with quotes meant to be a little controversial. She later revealed quotes to explain why Obama said what he did.
The reporter then used what Obama hopes to achieve as a kicker.
The reporter used the lead and following paragraph to show why the event was important by stating what is about to take place and how it will affect the country.

Minnesota schools have had to cut school security positions due to low budgets, but parents are demanding more school security after the shooting in Newtown, Conn., the Star Tribune reports.
Since the economy faltered in 2009 school resource officer positions have drastically declined in schools across the Twin Cities, but since the Newtown shootings, parents have pushed school boards to increase school security and the trend has reversed, the Star Tribune reports.
Cities like Chaska and Watertown have began to increase or start officer positions, the Star Tribune reports.
The Jordan school district, near Minneapolis, is moving police duties to the school so officers are always available, the Associated Press reports.

U.S. servicemen convicted of rape in Japan

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A Japanese court sentenced two U.S. servicemen to prison Friday for rape committed last year while they were on duty in Okinawa, CNN reports
Christopher Browning, 24, and Skyler Dozierwalker, 23, were convicted to 10 and nine years in prison for the rape of a Japanese woman in the street in October 2012, Sky News reports.
During a court appearance, the men admitted to the charges which led to a nationwide curfew for all U.S. soldiers in Japan, Sky News reports.

misheard fresh prince rap leads to lockdown

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After mishearing a rap line a receptionist called the cops leading to the lock down of some Pennsylvania schools Friday, the Associated Press reports.
While calling to make an appointment with 19-year-old Ambridge Area High School student, Travis Clawson, the school receptionist got his voicemail in which he quoted the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, "shooting some b-ball outside the school. The receptionist thought he said "shootin some people" and quickly called the cops, reports.
Clawson was arrested and then later released when he explained his message, the Associated Press reports.

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