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Collapsed Building Owner Arrested

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The fugitive owner of the building that collapsed in Bangladesh, and killed at least 377 people, was caught Sunday by a commando force as he tried to flee to India, USA Today reports.
Mohammed Sohel Rana was caught on the western Bangladesh border and faces charges of negligence after the building was found to be illegally constructed, USA Today reports.
Rana had been on the run since the building's collapse and was seen Tuesday, after the building developed cracks, telling tennants that the building was safe, USA Today reports.
Bangladesh authorities arrested four others Saturday, including two government engineers, CNN reports.

Quake hits china killing 164

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An Earthquake surged through rural southwest China Saturday, killing 164 and injuring more than 6,700. Reuters reports.
A 6.6-magnitude tremor in Sichuan province was the second earthquake in the region in five years, BBC News reports.
At least 710 aftershocks hve occurred after the quake further damaging buildings, BBC News report.
A 7.9-magnitude quake hit the region in 2008 killing some 70,000 people, Reuters reports.
Thousands of troops have been sent to the region to help the rescue and recovery effort, BBC News reports

U.S and China agree Korea should be denuclearized

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China and the U.S. agree that North Korea must be denuclearized,U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi said after a meeting between the two countries, Reuters reports.
Since testing an atomic device in February has talked about more testing and even launching nuclear strike on the U.S., Fox News reports.
China is worried that if North Korea were to implode that would send possibly millions of Korean refugees over the border and into China. They also are worried about increased U.S. military buildup near their country even though the U.S. state that North Korea is their only priority, Fox News reports.
China has a lot of leverage over North Korea as they provide them with most of their fuel and give the North food aid too, Fox News reports.

A Brazilian doctor appeared in court after allegedly killing seven people to free up hospital beds, CNN reports.
Prosecutors said Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza and her medical team gave patients muscle relaxers then reduced their oxygen supply causing asphyxia and death, the New York Daily News reports.
Three other doctors, three nurses, and a physiotherapist have also been charged with murder, the New York Daily News reports.
Prosecutors allege de Sousa pulled the plugs of patients against their and their families wishes, CNN reports
Investigators are looking into more than 300 other cases that could involve Sousa's wrongdoing, the New York Daily News reports.

United States to increase missile defense

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The United States is adding missile interceptors to the West Coast in response to North Korea's threat of a nuclear attack, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Friday, CNN reports.
The Pentagon plans to spend $1 billion to install 14 additional interceptors by 2017 that would bring the total to 44, the New York Times reports.
North Korea threatened nuclear attack after increased U.N. sanctions on its nuclear testing, CNN reports.
North Korea successfully launched a long range missile in December in what Western countries thought was going to be the launching of a satellite into orbit, CNN reports.

Riots erupt in Egypt over case

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A riot between two opposing soccer fan bases took place in the streets of Cairo and Port Said Saturday, killing two and injuring 15, CNN reports.
After 21 soccer fans were sentenced to death for their roles in a riot during a game involving teams from both cities last year, resulting in the death of more than 70 people, fans from Port Said went into a frenzy trying to stop shipping in the Suez Canal, Reuters reports
After 28 others were acquitted, fans from Cairo started burning buildings, Reuters reports.
The Egyptian cabinet released a statement urging Egyptians to unite and respect court rulings, Reuters reports.

U.S. servicemen convicted of rape in Japan

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A Japanese court sentenced two U.S. servicemen to prison Friday for rape committed last year while they were on duty in Okinawa, CNN reports
Christopher Browning, 24, and Skyler Dozierwalker, 23, were convicted to 10 and nine years in prison for the rape of a Japanese woman in the street in October 2012, Sky News reports.
During a court appearance, the men admitted to the charges which led to a nationwide curfew for all U.S. soldiers in Japan, Sky News reports.

Diamond Heist at Brussels Airport

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Eight armed men dressed in what authorities said resembled police uniforms robbed $50 million worth in diamonds from a Swiss plane Monday night at Brussels Airport, CNN reports.
At around 8 p.m. Monday night the men with two vehicles cut a hole into the airport security fence, drove onto the tarmac, stole the diamonds from the plane and drove right back through the hole they made, the Associated Press reports.
During the theft the men held the pilot, co-pilot and transport security guard at gunpoint, Ine Van Wymersch of the Public Prosecutor's Office said.
Airport Spokesman Jan Van Der Crujsse said, she could not explain why the area was so vulnerable to theft, the Associated Press reports.
It is not known how they new valuables were on the plane, according to CNN.
The police have found a vehicle later Monday, but said they still need more clues, the Associated Press said.

The Pope resigns due to health

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Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world Monday when he announced that he would step down from his post as spiritual leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, sources report.
Benedict, 85, sited mental and physical deterioration being the major cause in his decision to step down. The decision made him the first pope since Pope Gregory XII in 1415 to step down before death, according to CNN.
He will officially step down Feb. 28 at 8:00 p.m., Reuters reports.
Then 115 cardinals, 67 of which Benedict appointed, will choose a new person for the position, CNN reports.

Chavez will not return to presidency

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The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, will not be able to return to his position as president due to cancer, sources said.
Chavez had went through his fourth surgery to try and cure his cancer, but according to doctors they were not able to remove the cancer and Chavez has completely lost his voice and some mobility prompting his inability to return to presidency, Costa Rica News reports.
Inauguration day would have been Sunday Feb. 10, but since Chavez is unable to attend a new election must be held according to the Venezuelan constitution, Robinson O'brien-Bours reports.

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