December 3, 2006

Secret santa

I went to st. cloud this saturday, again and me and all my friends drew names for secret santa. We lowered our limit this year to 20$ instead of 30$ like last year. I drew my friend sam, and normally it is pretty easy to shop for the other person, because they ask for something specific, but my friend asked me to get her cute necklaces, earings, or a purse. It is hard to shop for this kind of stuff because some people have different taste on this stuff, but she obviously knows what i wear, and trusts me on it, so i am not too nervous. Also, i will go shopping with a couple of my other friends and have them help me.

December 1, 2006

Next Semester

I finally signed up for my classes and i am very pleased with my schedule. I had to take physics 2, chem 2, and calc 2, and then i got to pick 1 lib ed. After about an hour of searching for the lib ed that intersted me and fufilled 2 requiremnts i signed up for intro to women studies. I have heard from many people that it is a really intersting class and the teacher is amazing. The only thing i am worried about, is that i have to pass physics 1 to go into physics 2 and at this moment i do not know if that is going to happen. I guess we will see!

November 30, 2006


The last book we read was very intersting. Two essays, one dealing with race and the other with homosexuality. As far as the one dealing with race, the discussion in class brought up two different points. I come from an average suberb, but it is a pretty rich area and many stuck up people. Throughout elementry, middle, and high school, there was never over 15 african americans who attended. There was also many vandalism crimes towards them, and the school would have a few seminars about respect each year. A lot of people in my school were used to getting what they wanted and not having any consequences. Very unreal, and i do not agree with that.

November 23, 2006

New car

I finally got my new car. I went yesterday with one of my friends and we drove up to duluth. Luckily i picked one of my best friends who loves road trips so was pretty willing to go up there with me, but my mom did also give her money for gas and lunch. When i got to the dealership, it was my first time seeing the car. I was nervous,but when i saw it i was very happy and i love it. My dad got me the car from one of his friends who owns a repo business, so we were able to get the car for very cheep. It is a 2000 grand am, silver, and i am so happy with it. All we need to fix is to change the tires, which my dad already has tires for it. Ohterwise it is in good condition and i plan to keep it for a while.

November 21, 2006

St. Cloud

St. cloud is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. It is so much different to go party up there other than here. I feel a lot safet walking the streets, but there are definately more cops out just looking for underage drinking. My sister and five of my friends go to school there and they all own a house together, so i always stay there when i am up there, but i also have friends that i met through my boyfriend, who i am really good friends with now, and they own a house, so we go there alot to party a lot. I wish it was a lot closer, but i am so used to it now. If i could have i would have went there, but there was not the major there that i wanted and the u had a really good program for my major. So, i reccomend going up there on saturday or friday, and even thursday if you can cause those are really big party nights and you would always be able to find something.

November 20, 2006

Nickle and Dimed

We were required to read this book for my economics class my senior year. I do not remember alot of the details, but i did enjoy reading it, i found it very interesting. It shows a good look at what it is like to work a minimum wage job and the difficulties. It seems basically impossible to live off of a minimum wage job and actually live a normal life. My cousin used to work for walmart, not minimum-wage, but not that high of a pay. She has two kids and her boss would always schedule her 39 1/2 hours so they did not have to offer her benefits. Most of these jobs seem very unfair, but it shows you why you need to go to school and get a higher education to make more out of your life.

November 19, 2006


Hinkley Grand casino is one of my favorite places to go with my friends. One of my friends mom is a diamond member, so she can always get us comped rooms and meals, which is really nice, more money to spend gambling. So, me and my friends went friday night and i did not do so well. I found out i could pull money off my credit card, so i ended up losing $170. I was pretty disappointed, but we still had a really fun time. Me and my friend did not go to bed at all, I woke up at seven in the morning on friday and went to bed at noon on saturday. But i only took a nap for about 4 or 5 hours, and then went out that night and slept for about six hours, so i am pretty tired right now. I probably will not go to the casino for a couple of months to make up for the money i lost.

November 16, 2006

cell phone

I do not know how people can live without there cell phones. I forgot my phone at home for one day and i did not know what to do while i was at school. All my friends thought i was ignoring them, but there was no way to get ahold of them, because i have a cell phone i do not remember there numbers, so i felt completely lost for that whole day. It sound pathetic, but you should try it and see what you think about it then. Also i have a raido on my phone so i listen to it in the moring and in between classe, so it felt really weird to actually listen to things going on around you and it was very quiet that whole day, especially on the bus in the morning because everyone is so tired.

November 14, 2006

Fast food nation

I thought that the book fast food nation was a really good book and it was probably the most interesting of the others we have read. It is really easy to discuss on this book, because everyone has an opinion on it. While in discussion in class, our group was talking about whether or not the store needs to provide training to there employees. We decided that they should offer training for the tasks used in the store, but that would be the extent of it. There are two different kinds of fast food. Ones, like mcdonalds that does not require much knowledge, besides a liitle math and basically knowing how to read and pur a sandwich together, not really a hard job. Then there is something like Dairy Queen, where you are required to memorize alot and takes a little more skill, but yet not that much. However, these skills should be known by the employee before being hired and is not the fast food resturants problem to provide this to the emplyees.

November 11, 2006


My older sister sent me and my other sister an email about coming to visit her. She has just recently moved chicago for a very good upgrade in her job, i am not exactly sure what she does, but i know it is something to do with fashion. So, she wants us to come visit during winter break, which we really want to go too, because chicago is a lot of fun if you have never been there. However, me and my sister have not decided if we want to fly, drive, or someone just told me we could take a bus for about fifty dollars round trip. I hate flying, i am scared to drive in the winter, so i was thinking the bus would be the best option, because they drive safe and i could fall asleep and not worry about anything.

November 9, 2006

New Roomate

It's official! I am not going to be getting a new roomate at all, at least for this semester. The roomate i was supposed to recieve after my first roommate moved out was able to move out herself and go back home. So either i am a really bad roommate or i just have the worst luck. But i am looking forward to my space, and right now i get more homework done, because there are just some times where i have nothing else better to do. Also, i no longer have to move my stuff back to one side. The only bad thing is that now there is noone to tell me to keep my room clean and it has gotten a little messy.

November 5, 2006

The weekend

This weekend was pretty boring. Most of my friends came home this weekend, they all have a house together in st. cloud. But the reason they came home was because they were all working together saturday and sunday morning at seven so they did not want to really do anything. So, friday night i went out to eat with my boyfriend, we went to red lobster and then we just went home and watched some tv and went to bed, i was so tired from the week before. So saturday he went to work and all my friends went to work so i was just chillin at home until i went and played texas holdem at noon. I got fourth place, pretty fun. Finally i wen with my friend saturday night to see saw 3 wich was ok, but they are just so gorey it is hard to watch, and they went home to go to bed so i went to my boyfriends, watched some tv and went to bed. Sunday i woke up and layed around and then came to school to go to work. The only reason i went home this weekend was to see my mom, because she is leaving for Louisiana for two months and i will not see her untl christmas. So i guess it was a very unaventful weekend, but i will make up for it this weekend.

October 31, 2006


Today, i recieved my gateway exam back from my calc TA, which we took for the first time on thursday. The test consists of ten derivatives and you must get eight out of ten exactly right to pass. If you pass the first time you get fifty points no matter if you get eight, nine or ten right. If you do not get at least eight right you have to take it a second time for forty points and if you do not pass that time you take it for the last time for thirty points. I believe if you do not pass after the third time you fail the class. Well, we got our test back and i got eight out of ten for the first time. I am very happy, because it is my first test in college that i got 100% on.

October 30, 2006



Working at Bailey hall Dining services has become very boring and long. My favorite manager was moved to fronteir hall and so i am stuck with working for two managers, one who is really strict and another who is very lazy. I do not mind working for the strict one because she can be very nice if you are always doing something, however the other manager just gets on my nerves. One day i was at work with my other two usual employees and the bad manager was working. There was a buffet dinner in the back room for one of bailey halls residence floors. I have never seen anyone in there eating, so when it came time to cleaning at seven me and my two co-workers did our usual and we got done early so we helped the dish room. Well, we all finished at eight whch is when we are scheduled to get off, but we walk downstairs and the manager asked us if we cleaned the back room. We said no, because there were many things we did not know what to do with. But she told us we had to do that. We were very frustrated just because she couldn't get off her computer and come upstairs to tell us, or even tell us before the day was over. That is just one little thing that happened, but this sort of thing happens every time she is manager and it is very frustrating.