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My favorite music used to be country, but my taste is starting to change. I now like more of rock, i guess that is what you could call i do not really know. My favorite two bands are Hinder and Nickleback, i just recently bought both of their new cd's and i pretty much listen to them non stop. In fact, i am listening to Hinder right now. I was very upset that i missed Nickelbacks concert with Hinder. Since i missed the concert i seem to see about five people a day wearing one of the concert t-shirts. It is like when you go to buy a car that you really like and dont really see many around, you then start to drive and see about a million of them. My favorite song is "lips of an angel"even though it is probably overplayed i dont think i could ever really get sick of it. If anyone knows if Nickelback or Hinder are coming back to Minnesota or a state close by let me know cause i am for sure going this time. Thanks!!!