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Today i found out that my roommate is applying to St. Kates college and if she gets accepted she will be moving out of the dorm at the end of this semester. I heard that it is not that hard to get into St. Kates and because she is a good student she will probably be accepted, so this is basically a for sure thing. I am kind of sad because i do not like to live alone right now, but then it will be kind of nice because i will have a lot of free space. I do not know for sure if i will get a new roommate which is probably my least favorite outcome, it seems like there is not really anyone who is still in need of a room especially on the st. paul campus. I already planed what i would do with the room if she left and i did not get another roommate. I would unloft my bed and keep hers lofted and i would then get my own tv, fridge, and microwave. I would also have double the closet and dresser space, which would be super nice!!! I guess we will see what it comes down to at the end of the semester.