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St. Cloud

St. cloud is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. It is so much different to go party up there other than here. I feel a lot safet walking the streets, but there are definately more cops out just looking for underage drinking. My sister and five of my friends go to school there and they all own a house together, so i always stay there when i am up there, but i also have friends that i met through my boyfriend, who i am really good friends with now, and they own a house, so we go there alot to party a lot. I wish it was a lot closer, but i am so used to it now. If i could have i would have went there, but there was not the major there that i wanted and the u had a really good program for my major. So, i reccomend going up there on saturday or friday, and even thursday if you can cause those are really big party nights and you would always be able to find something.