November 30, 2006


The last book we read was very intersting. Two essays, one dealing with race and the other with homosexuality. As far as the one dealing with race, the discussion in class brought up two different points. I come from an average suberb, but it is a pretty rich area and many stuck up people. Throughout elementry, middle, and high school, there was never over 15 african americans who attended. There was also many vandalism crimes towards them, and the school would have a few seminars about respect each year. A lot of people in my school were used to getting what they wanted and not having any consequences. Very unreal, and i do not agree with that.

November 20, 2006

Nickle and Dimed

We were required to read this book for my economics class my senior year. I do not remember alot of the details, but i did enjoy reading it, i found it very interesting. It shows a good look at what it is like to work a minimum wage job and the difficulties. It seems basically impossible to live off of a minimum wage job and actually live a normal life. My cousin used to work for walmart, not minimum-wage, but not that high of a pay. She has two kids and her boss would always schedule her 39 1/2 hours so they did not have to offer her benefits. Most of these jobs seem very unfair, but it shows you why you need to go to school and get a higher education to make more out of your life.

November 14, 2006

Fast food nation

I thought that the book fast food nation was a really good book and it was probably the most interesting of the others we have read. It is really easy to discuss on this book, because everyone has an opinion on it. While in discussion in class, our group was talking about whether or not the store needs to provide training to there employees. We decided that they should offer training for the tasks used in the store, but that would be the extent of it. There are two different kinds of fast food. Ones, like mcdonalds that does not require much knowledge, besides a liitle math and basically knowing how to read and pur a sandwich together, not really a hard job. Then there is something like Dairy Queen, where you are required to memorize alot and takes a little more skill, but yet not that much. However, these skills should be known by the employee before being hired and is not the fast food resturants problem to provide this to the emplyees.

October 17, 2006


"Amusing ourselves to Death" is the title of Niel Postmans book, I was scheduled to give a presentation on this book, so it made me look more in depth to the meaning. There were some parts in the book that made me laugh, when he talks about all the cliches with the world and especially Reverend Grahm mistaking NBC for god. I feel he uses a lot of generalization of peple in this world and how they act, but i am starting to find that i like those kinds of books. I think that even though he is generalizing it is pretty true, cause i can see many people like that, if not myself. I think it is a good book and i reccommend that you read it!

September 25, 2006


"Bobos" are Brooks meaning for the educated class, it comes from the words bourgeousie adn Bohemian. I thought that "Bobo" was intersting, Brooks was basicallly generalizing humans and how they act. Many things he said are true like; two kinds of pleasure where one is looked down upon and the other is not. For example smoking and drink are bad pleasures. Also he states how parents have become more strict since in the 1950's adn i guess that depends on your parents, but i think generally they can because there are so many more ways for people un derage to get into drinking or drugs. Personally my parents have been very lenient. I think Brooks made great observations about people and i found some parts funny and sometimes easy to realate to.

September 17, 2006


How I find myself aquiring virtue/ what virtue means to me? I think of virtue as doing good for people in your career, your everyday life, and basically making changes in peoples lives. I hope to do that through my career as a chemical engineer, where I will be able to reasearch and test new products to hopefully save some peoples lives and come closer to finding cures to many diseases that are unbeatable in todays world. I chose this career partly because of the aspect of being able to help many people and hopefully save lives. Virtue to me is having an idea than putting that idea into action, whether it works or not.

September 12, 2006

Jon Stewarts "America" (the book)

If you have not read this book you have no idea what you are missing out on. This was the only book that I could read and laugh out loud to many times. It is stated as "a citizens guide to Democrac inaction." I was only required to read the first and seventh chapter, but I was able to check a copy out at the library and I skimmed through looking at all the diagrams. I love how the book can make fun of so many things in our government, but yet it wont hurt anyones feelings because the whole book is one big joke (as in funny). One of the many hillarious diagrams is the map of the Washington D.C. of the future! This includes: "Dangerously efficient traffic flow lleads to desing and construction of 700% more traffic circles, the Jefferson memoriall offramp, the air, space and holocaust museum, and the Ronald Reagan Memorial Naming Center." I highly reccomend this book and to anyone wondering you can pick it up probably at almost every library.

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