November 23, 2006

New car

I finally got my new car. I went yesterday with one of my friends and we drove up to duluth. Luckily i picked one of my best friends who loves road trips so was pretty willing to go up there with me, but my mom did also give her money for gas and lunch. When i got to the dealership, it was my first time seeing the car. I was nervous,but when i saw it i was very happy and i love it. My dad got me the car from one of his friends who owns a repo business, so we were able to get the car for very cheep. It is a 2000 grand am, silver, and i am so happy with it. All we need to fix is to change the tires, which my dad already has tires for it. Ohterwise it is in good condition and i plan to keep it for a while.

November 21, 2006

St. Cloud

St. cloud is one of my favorite places to go on the weekends. It is so much different to go party up there other than here. I feel a lot safet walking the streets, but there are definately more cops out just looking for underage drinking. My sister and five of my friends go to school there and they all own a house together, so i always stay there when i am up there, but i also have friends that i met through my boyfriend, who i am really good friends with now, and they own a house, so we go there alot to party a lot. I wish it was a lot closer, but i am so used to it now. If i could have i would have went there, but there was not the major there that i wanted and the u had a really good program for my major. So, i reccomend going up there on saturday or friday, and even thursday if you can cause those are really big party nights and you would always be able to find something.

November 19, 2006


Hinkley Grand casino is one of my favorite places to go with my friends. One of my friends mom is a diamond member, so she can always get us comped rooms and meals, which is really nice, more money to spend gambling. So, me and my friends went friday night and i did not do so well. I found out i could pull money off my credit card, so i ended up losing $170. I was pretty disappointed, but we still had a really fun time. Me and my friend did not go to bed at all, I woke up at seven in the morning on friday and went to bed at noon on saturday. But i only took a nap for about 4 or 5 hours, and then went out that night and slept for about six hours, so i am pretty tired right now. I probably will not go to the casino for a couple of months to make up for the money i lost.

November 16, 2006

cell phone

I do not know how people can live without there cell phones. I forgot my phone at home for one day and i did not know what to do while i was at school. All my friends thought i was ignoring them, but there was no way to get ahold of them, because i have a cell phone i do not remember there numbers, so i felt completely lost for that whole day. It sound pathetic, but you should try it and see what you think about it then. Also i have a raido on my phone so i listen to it in the moring and in between classe, so it felt really weird to actually listen to things going on around you and it was very quiet that whole day, especially on the bus in the morning because everyone is so tired.

November 11, 2006


My older sister sent me and my other sister an email about coming to visit her. She has just recently moved chicago for a very good upgrade in her job, i am not exactly sure what she does, but i know it is something to do with fashion. So, she wants us to come visit during winter break, which we really want to go too, because chicago is a lot of fun if you have never been there. However, me and my sister have not decided if we want to fly, drive, or someone just told me we could take a bus for about fifty dollars round trip. I hate flying, i am scared to drive in the winter, so i was thinking the bus would be the best option, because they drive safe and i could fall asleep and not worry about anything.

October 19, 2006


Today i recieved my extra loan money in my checking account. Right when i saw that i recieved the money i called my boyfriend and told him that we were going shopping that night. I had to buy a laptop, printer (4 in 1), and and miscellaneous items for my room and the computer and printer. I was really excited when i went to office max and found a really good 4 in 1 printer for 60 dollars. I bought that along with paper and a flash drive. Now, the only other thing i need was a laptop. So, i went to best buy where they had a sale for a laptop that my sister bought the day before, and it was only $450. I get there and the guy helping me was a major asshole and he told me they were sold out, so i saw the same computer with a small upgrade for $479 dollars so i asked for that one and he said that was sold our, so then i asked for that same computer with another upgrade for $499 dollars and that was sold out too. I was so frustrated!! I then went to a different best buy where the same thing happened, so i switched from best buy and went to circut city. I ended up buying the same exact computer as best buy, but for $600 because that was the cheepest. I was so frustrated, but now it is worth it to have my laptop!

October 13, 2006


I just found out that my whole entire family is coming into town the day of the Anoka Halloween parade. It is a big deal because my mom has four brothers who live in Washington, Oregon, California, and Arizona. She also has two sisters who live here and one sister who lives in west virginia. I warned my boyfriend, who i have been with for two years, that they are probably the loudest group of people you will ever meet. He has yet to see them all together in one place, normally they come in to town by themselves. I am pretty excited to see all them, because they are so much fun and alot of my cousins are coming into town too. I think the main reason for them coming into town is to see my grandma who is not doing well and they do not know how long she will make it. My grandma has parkinsons and altymers. But she is doing ok right now. Anyways, if anyone has never heard of the Anoka Halloween parade, you should really go. Anoka is called the Halloween Capitol of the World, it was named a long time ago, but the parade is so much fun.

October 3, 2006


My favorite music used to be country, but my taste is starting to change. I now like more of rock, i guess that is what you could call i do not really know. My favorite two bands are Hinder and Nickleback, i just recently bought both of their new cd's and i pretty much listen to them non stop. In fact, i am listening to Hinder right now. I was very upset that i missed Nickelbacks concert with Hinder. Since i missed the concert i seem to see about five people a day wearing one of the concert t-shirts. It is like when you go to buy a car that you really like and dont really see many around, you then start to drive and see about a million of them. My favorite song is "lips of an angel"even though it is probably overplayed i dont think i could ever really get sick of it. If anyone knows if Nickelback or Hinder are coming back to Minnesota or a state close by let me know cause i am for sure going this time. Thanks!!!

September 21, 2006

Gilmore Girls!

If you have never heard about the show Gilmore Girls you are really missing out! Today my boyfriend showed up at my dorm with a suprise for me and i was pretty nervous cause he can have some weird taste sometimes, but i absolutely loved it. He bought me the sixth season of Gilmore Girls on DVD that just came out tuesday, i had no idea it was out already. So tonight i watch three episodes and i was up until one thirty. It is really addicting, but you really need to watch it from the beginning. I would say it is more of a girls show because it is about a mother and daughter relationship which sounds really cheesy but for some reason i got really hooked on it. I started watching it because one of my friends liked the show and owned the first season and now we are both obsessed. All my all friends think it is really annoying, but when we put it in they get into the show and want to keep watching it. So, if you have never seen this show you need to watch it, I highly, highly reccomend it.

September 16, 2006

Top Ten Movies

Here is a list of my top ten favorite movies. If you haven't seen them I highly suggest you should. Some are chick flicks, romance, comedy, and horror fillms. I like all movies so there will be a movie for everyone!
1. Pride and Prejudice
2. The Notebook
3. Talledaga Nights, The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
4. Leagally Blonde 1 and 2
5. Spaceballs
6. My Best Friends Wedding
7. Saw and Hostel (not really scary, but there was a lot of gore which made them scary to me)
8. Gone in 60 Seconds
9. Traffic
10. Erin Brockovich

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