December 8, 2008

Paper 3

In the world of political hip-hop, two elements that have come to make it a unique style of sound and expression are the raw and uncensored lyrics and the faster and edgier instrumentals. This can be seen in songs by early political hip-hop groups, such as Public Enemy, and it continues to be present today in songs by groups such as The Coup or rapper Immortal Technique. In order to understand why political hip-hop has grown in popularity and why people consider it to have any appeal, we can look at the song “Everythang� by Oakland based hip-hop group The Coup. In short, “Everythang� has everything a typical political hip-hop song is made of, fast paced beats, fast and edgy lyrics and even displays of turntable-ism and sampling. On top of the traditional hip-hop elements, it also has a new and unique electronic feel that is catching a lot of popularity in the hip-hop genre.

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