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Speech Story

DULUTH, February 8- After the recent election of the new Supreme Court Justice, many United States citizens are concerned the case Roe vs. Wade will be overturned to the state government. For this reason, Attorney Sonia M. Sturdevant came to UMD to speak about the future of the constitutional amendment Roe vs. Wade during the first “Safe Sex Fest? on campus yesterday.

Many women and a handful of men showed up to hear Sturdevant voice her opinion about the future of Roe vs. Wade, the case that determined laws against abortion violates the constitutional right to privacy.

She brought to everyone's attention, “four of the people on the Supreme Court are for overruling abortion, four aren't, and one is a swing vote.? Sturdevant seemed quite confident in her speech that Roe vs. Wade won't overturn.

Sturdevant told the audience her reasons why abortion won’t become a state by state decision.

“People rely on the law. They have great respect for previous Supreme Court justices who have made laws in the past,? Sturdevant said. “If we constantly change the court all the time, people will start to think it doesn't mean anything.?

Sturdevant told the audience that if Roe vs. Wade is overturned, the United States would become chaos, “Girls would leave the U.S. and travel to another country to have an abortion.?

“The one swing vote, by Justice Kennedy, is very important in this court overruling.?

If the abortion law is overturned for the state to decide if it's legal or not, Sturvedant said, “it could become troublesome.? Sturvedant said states such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Tennessee, and many other Republican states would probably ban abortion. States such as California, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Iowa, and Illinois would probably legalize abortion.

Sturvedant said “Our state of Minnesota would probably be up for grabs. Minnesota could go either way with abortion.?